Chef De Cuisine

This is a brand new section for our Le Amusant.

I have a thing for Chefs.. I adore them. I follow their blogs, twitter, channels, websites, and posts, Instagram, what not! Am I a good cook?? Wel.. I am .. I  can cook and also make people ask for more 🙂 .. In fact I improvise and reinvent with new strategies and textures, sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed but I love those tingling moments of spending luxurious time experimenting and evolving a dish, I don’t give up.

Well you can ask, Kezia where are your recipes? and fotos? Well it dint occur to me then to share it with the world but I would in the near future, after we started this new Blog. My family and Angeline’s family have a lineage of good-home cooks with “Magic Fingers”. We often exchange our new found taste and be critical about it, rather than be nice. My specialty is making desserts, I love anything with chocolate and sugar coating..

This post is going to be a series, where I will write about each and every one of the Chef De Cuisines I adore and also talk about their work, qualities, attributes and the shows they do along with their recipes. I will try to be crisp and more factual about it rather than be biased, keeping in mind that I might love them  subconsciously. Let’s be clear Le Amusant is not rating these Chefs as No.1 or 2 we are just going to share our views and throw light on what we know to our lovely readers.

We will start with Gordon Ramsey, then Nigella Lawson, Curtis Stone, Matt Preston, Jamie Oliver and so on. If you have any ideas on this new found genre of us to improvise.. please feel free to comment about it and also suggest us with names, we can always enlighten you with a post of your choice. We value your feedback and suggestions.

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Untill Next Time.