• Josmin aka Blueraven04, loves spicy food, rain and romance. Her days are spent reading romances and pestering her harried mother. She is fascinated by language, religion and culture. Most of the time she is dehydrated ‘cos of continuous drooling over her drama oppas(Korean). She swears by Shoujo Manga, Dark Animes and Georgette Heyer. When not lost in nature, she can be found between the pages of a book-reading or daydreaming or sleeping.


  • Apoorva Jindal, lives by coffee and is a die hard foodie.  Loves to treat herself with Ghalib’s couplets and helps friends when in distress. Nature lover. Dreams of loosing herself in the mysticism and beauty of nature.


  • Shreejit aka Bhoboghure, lover of cinema ans scenic beauty. Drools over Baul and Sufi. Thanatic by nature and wanderer by soul. Loves silent mornings and paroxystic afternoons. Prefers Coffee and Cigarettes over writing.


  • Preethi Amaresh, adrenaline junkie, former model, animal lover, polyglot. You name it she is it! Digs Red and Orange. When not writing can be found dribbling over Salman Khan and Johnny Depp. Passionate about photography and fashion.


  • Fab Fad, Le Amusant’s fashion crew with Kezia, Ange and Preethi who pool in fashion ideas, tips and insights for a beautiful-gorgeous you!