Reborn not Dead


Patrick Demarchelier
Pic source:

I was born in a complex zone,

A place which no one understood

But the mind that brought me to life was special,

Because it put me before anything.

I wasn’t anything ordinary,

Anyone who wouldn’t understand me would call me a controversy;

But still my beloved creator,

Couldn’t think of anything but me.

The creator went too far,

To prove I was ordinary;

Deep dungeons, dark alleys,

Slaying dragons to save me.

But all mortals have weaknesses,

My mortal had one too;

The addiction I created,

Became a weakness and it’s end.

Now without a mortal,

I have no identity of my own;

Now there lie two mysteries,

My appearance and my mortals’ disappearance.

I wouldn’t say I was devastated ,

But I knew that was the end;

My life remains a mystery,

Buried deep down in hell.

But thinking about this I realized,

I am not a mortal myself;

I can be born again,

In another mind who thinks the best.

For now I go to sleep,

Waiting to be born in another head;

But the next time I rise,

I will make sure this mortal has no regrets.

I will be born to get answers,

I will be born to bring change,

I will come back to bring back to life,

My mortal, the creator itself.

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