Once Upon A Time, A Girl Named Cinderella..

This is the story of a Servant Girl who never stops dreaming, her Evil Stepsisters and Stepmother, a Fairy Godmother, a Prince Charming and a Glass Slipper that changes her life. Yes, this is Cinderella. A fairytale we’ve all grownup with. Over the years it has been adapted into various movies – some of them animated, some narrating the same storyline and some enhanced into a modern tale with additional touch ups of their own but nevertheless the same Cinderella Ending.

Below are some of the best Cinderella movies made so far and how they are different from each other.

Disney, Cinderella (1950)


The first Disney adaptation of Cinderella was an animated movie and it stuck to the original story. The mice that were merely incidental creatures in the fairytale has a huge role to play here. They added humor and action to the film. Gus and Jaq being the main heroes.  Memorable scenes include the one with Cinderella’s reflection in soap bubbles, her cruel stepsisters and stepmother tearing her ball gown to shreds, her arrival at the palace in the carriage and finally the befitting glass slipper.


Cinderella: A Twist In Time (2007)

Twist in time


This is an extraordinary sequel to the 2002 Disney Cinderella classic. The evil stepmother has stolen Fairy Godmother’s magic wand and turned the hands of time. The prince doesn’t remember who Cinderella is and is married to evil stepsister Anastasia. This movie brings out the darker side of the characters in comparison to its prequels. The stepsisters actually rouse emotions of anger in the audience, Cinderella’s courageous and brave side comes out that one hasn’t seen before, and the ever-smiling Prince has a greater role to play other than just being an eye candy.


A Cinderella Story

220px-Movie_poster_a_cinderella_storyThis is a modern, 21st-century version of the classic fairytale. Our Cinderella is a high school kid Sam. Sam’s father dies in a shattering earthquake. Her stepmother runs a diner where she torments Sam, by making her toil all day. Sam has an online boyfriend, who wants to meet her in the school dance, but he turns out to be the school heartthrob and from there the rest of the story unfolds. Our Cinderella finds a family in the diner staff, who we can say have taken up the role of the friendly animals from the animated series, and a fairy godmother in Rhonda, one of the restaurant staffs. This modern classic is filled with adult jokes, sexual innuendos, and a few slangs and swears here and there, and hence may not be fit for the younger audiences. Starring Hilary Duff as Sam Montgomery and Chad Michael Murray as Austin Ames,


Another Cinderella Story


Our Cinderella is a talented high school dancer Mary, portrayed beautifully by Selena Gomez and our Prince Charming Joey portrayed by the talented Andrew Seeley. Mary’s best friend Tami takes up the role of the Fairy Godmother. Mary and Prince Charming meet at a masquerade dance where Mary leaves her mp3player behind that is obviously our glass slipper. The Prince has a major role to play in the movie as compared to A Cinderella Story. A new character, Dustin, Joey’s best friend acts as the comic relief. This movie in its entirety is about a young girl working to accomplish her dreams under the Cinderella theme.


Disney Cinderella (2015)

new-movies-disney-movies.jpg Ella portrayed by Lily James is left at the mercy of her cruel stepmother (Cate Blanchet) and stepsisters when her father suddenly passes away. Ella’s real mother had always taught her to have the courage and to be kind and she always upheld these principals, no matter what. Prince Charming (Richard Madden) stumbles across Ella on one of his hunting expeditions and is enamored by her. He introduces himself as Kit, a peasant boy. Our beloved Helena Bonham Carter aka Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter portrays Fairy Godmother. The fact that this Cinderella meets her Prince on her own and captures him by being her true self is rather refreshing. Other than this the movie follows the traditional story of Cinderella, much like the 1950s animated classic. The Prince shows signs of being a wise monarch and by the end of the movie, Ella and Kit are shown to be widely loved by their subjects.

Although there are various other versions of this classic fairytale, these are my favorite ones.

Do leave a comment of your favorite Cinderella Story below.


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