Fighting Depression.

‘If you know you are sad, then you are sad. But if your expressions do not have a valid emotion, then you are depressed.’ Depression is much more than a long ten-letter word. It is like a motley mixture of emotions which do not have a fixed form of expression. Since it is not expressed in the way it is supposed to, it is hard to identify at an early stage. What must be understood is that it is a temporary state of mind that can be brought back to normalcy.


Depression is pretty common in today’s world because of the rise of ones stress level  in order to meet the stakes of the society. In this case, the definition of stress is not fixed. Here, it can be defined as any external force acting on you which is beyond the threshold of your mind. Basically, it can range from our day to day insecurities to any traumatic incident affecting us.

The main problem with depression existing in a person’s life is that it hinders the brain’s ability to function normally. Most of the time the victim is lost in trying to understand their emotions. They spend more time on their own and disconnect themselves from the outside world. Social circles keep getting smaller and it makes them get back into their shell. It affects you mentally, physically and psychologically as related to one another. But most importantly it is the thought process which is most affected. Decision making becomes really hard and confusing. Trust issues occurs at an early stage. It becomes hard to even trust your own instincts.


But what actually should be highlighted is that it can be avoided pretty early and also has more effective cure than just medicine. Pre-depression advice is to just make sure that we do not give into our problematic factors. But once you give in start with home remedies rather than counselling or medication. The most important tasks is to talk about it with the people who are close to us and share your concerns, pain and emotional derail etc. to release certain amount of pressure build up within us. Talking to people you love automatically increases Serotonin, in common terms known as the happy hormone which initiates stress relief in our body. When someone starts to listen to you, your senses automatically gives into ‘Trust’ again. It feels to have lifted a huge load of weight from your heart, releasing you from certain amount of emotional drain.  A lot of significance must be given to exercise, hydration, healthy heating, and sleep. tswbh This is essential because the physical body must be strong enough to initiate the recovery of one’s soul. Getting involved in physical activity helps release happy hormones into your brain like Dopomine. Dopomine is a neurotransmitter in the brain necessary for feeling of happiness and pleasure. Regular meditation and yoga does neurological benefits decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. It is a method of connecting yourself with your soul, boosting confidence and transforming your body to function normalcy.

One thing that can trigger our emotional displacements are the negativity, as much as possible even sane people should avoid being around negative people. These tend to add fuel to the fire with their frustration, anger and set backs in life which they never tend to let go nor learn to live with them. Which is why they surely keep throwing tantrums like little children every time their balloons burst.


Surround yourself with motivation, healing and supportive people. Friends or family that can give you courage and positive energy. Tune into motivational podcasts and uplifting music, which will not only energize but boost your mood swings, it will refresh your soul and mental health.

Attending therapy or counselling helps in controlling and channeling your attitude towards fighting depression. It helps you overcome fear and anxiety to even open up to a stranger. Having known that your secrets are safe with a shrink gives you a sense of security. It also helps your recovery faster knowing you have segregated a part of your time for your healing process.

But above all LOVE YOURSELF. Think good. Feel Good. Let go and let be a happier, healthier person in life.






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