It’s That Time Of The Year!


It’s Travel time again! It’s the one thing that is cherished and loved by almost everyone. I’m sure everyone reading this is almost ever ready to pack your bag and go to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Those amazing photos with your loved ones, that spontaneous selfie with a mesmerising background and that feel good moments whilst traveling solo!


Be excited to leave your comfort zone, home sweet home and let go of your apprehensions. Don’t wait for others to join you nor wait for their approval, cause it’s never going to be the right time or the right place.

And that’s exactly what i did.



Just got up one morning, and instead of getting into my work clothes, I sat on my computer, and booked tickets to Thailand!

Being nervous was an understatement. But the minute I left my home, I realised walking alone is gonna be a part of life. And from that moment on, I just gave myself to excitement and fun.

Traveling alone is filled with perks. We get to meet new people, from different walks of life in various age groups. Going solo forces you to get out of your comfort zone, helps you be open to new things. Not being around family and known faces helped me admire everything around me. Like nature for its real beauty, instead of taking selfies with friends or Facebook profile picture for your parents. It makes you independent. You are more confident about doing things on your own, being able to survive in this world without anybody’s help. You will see  new you, a better self. You learn new things about ‘you’ that you never believed to be existential before.


Traveling should not be an option. It should be something everyone has to do in order to have new experiences in life, cherish your moments and enjoy every bit of what life offers you.

Like it’s said


So, Jet Set Go!

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