7 Must Apps To Ease Our Lives.

It’s 2018 and with advancement in technology, mobile apps have become an important part in our daily lives. They can almost ease your smartphone to do almost anything. There’s no limit as to what these apps can achieve for us. They provide us with certain applications related to entertainment, search, photo editing, writing, scanning etc .If you want to improve your personal and working life, these are a must GO TO Apps you can download.

1. Discord


This is one of the best apps for voice and instant messaging. It is designed especially for people in the gaming community. They provide you with creating your own “server” to stay connected with your friends, loved ones and meet new people from around the world .It is fast and is not slow like Skype. Moreover, they have come up with new video calling feature.It is free and available for download both PC and for mobile. For Android and Iphone users it is available on Google play store and IOS play store.

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC


Are you a photographer and cannot carry your DLSR or laptop everywhere you go? If your answer is yes then this is an excellent photography app for you. Lightroom provides you with capturing, editing and sharing photos easily. It’s a developed and user friendly application .It also has tutorials as to how you should edit you photos and even has different presets that edit your work faster by 50%. Hence it saves your time. It is free and available for download in both desktop and mobile applications. Also available on Google play and IOS app store.

4. Pacer


Pacer is a free health counter and checkup app .With the help of this app you can turn your own phone into health and weight loss tracker! You can now lose weight by following the fitness guides and plans. The plus point of this app is that whether your hand is in your hand , pocket or purse it keeps calculating the amount of calories you have burned without using the internet! It is free and available for download on Google play store and IOS app store.

4. Text  Fairy(OCR Text Scanner)

text fairy

Text Fairy application lets you transform your phone into a mobile text scanner. It  has accurate reading capabilities and many features to edit, copy etc with the text. It saves a lot of your time with a fast conversion of page pictures into editable texts and saves them as a PDF file so that you can send them instantly to anyone. Free download available for PC and laptop. For mobile users it is available on Google play store and IOS play store.

5. Letsintern – Internships on tap


This app is very good for students who are looking for internships to learn gain experience in their respective fields.It is a great platform for them.It is very easy to use and also provides them great opportunities. Hence, it is highly recommended that you download this.No download available for PC. It is free and available for download on Google play store and IOS play store.

6. Kindle

Kindle Icon

You can now read books or magazines online for free by using the kindle without having to leave your home. This app lets you download, bookmark, highlights the pages of the book. You can find this app on Google play store and IOS app store but you have to pay for some books in order gain access.

7. Free Resume

resume free

It’s a simple application that lets you create resumes from different template format- styles, models and fonts useful for jobs and colleges within minutes. It’s good for  students and those who do not have a written resume or CV while working for years. Hence you can instantly save the file as a PDF file and email it to the respective companies and you can carry your file everywhere you go. It’s free and available for download to both Android and IOS users.


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