The Hot Mess That was The Great Seducer

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Hot mess because it was a garbage, hot because it had pretty people plotting and flocking around in pretty dresses. If you need to revamp your wardrobe, watch this drama, if not stay far far away. If you are here for Woo Do Hwan after having being smitten by him in his previous projects then well stay but you will regret it. If you are here for Red Velvet’s Joy stay but you will not be much impressed.

The Cast

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Having said that let’s begin why I watched this utter garbage. This MBC drama started out great, I was constantly waiting for the next episode but soon it fizzled out. It could not hold on to its strong premiere. I went into this drama without knowing the actors except for Joy because I’m in the K-pop scene. I was initially interested because of the trailers and the photo shoots and when I got to know what it was loosely inspired by the movie Cruel Intentions which was in turn based on the novel Dangerous Liaisons, it sparked my curiosity because Cruel Intentions is one of my favorite teenage movies and now it enjoys a cult status but sadly Great Seducer was anything but. I kept watching because I was such a fan of the source material that I thought it would pick up but it didn’t.

Although it was not the fault of the young actors who did the best they could do with what they were given. Woo Do Hwan, Moon Ga Young, Joy and Kim Minjae all justified their roles but I felt Joy was still too green in this when compared to her co-stars who are professional actors. The characters were just written badly and the plot just went typical Korean drama route. At some point in the drama, I was frustrated with the characters and their relationships. I felt the parents were unnecessary and were just too boring to watch. They had nothing to add except infuriate watchers and give more reasons to the characters to fall out.

Amongst the 4 main leads, 3 of them are rich and spoiled brats to others but are always there for each other but this changes when Joy comes in. Joy came into their lives when Moon Ga Young found out that Joy was the first love of the guy who had dumped her and she wanted to take revenge. Ga Young decides to make Do Hwan seduce her and fall for him so that he can break her heart later on but as it happens it does not go according to the plan and he ends up falling for her for real. Do Hwan and Minjae do not question her methods because both of them are in love with her and she knows it but does not take any initiative because she believes that kind of a relationship never lasts. Both Do Hwan and Minjae are popular with girls and are expert at seducing especially Do Hwan, so he accepts. Besides they would do anything for Ga Young. Their friendship is tested when Joy comes into his life. Joy is supposed to be the one girl who clearly is not interested in Woo Do Hwan but as drama writers have it she changes within a span of 2 episodes. What is good about her character is that she speaks her mind, she is not afraid to put people in their place and hold her own. That is the only thing I admired about the character.

There is a ridiculous subplot of a birth secret which stays ridiculous until the end. What disappointed me the most was their friendship and the potential of the cast and the material that went to waste. What could have been? Sigh.

This drama is clearly a makjang but a very bad one, give it a miss, you will not be missing much. Do not be fooled by the drama posters, trailers and the name.

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