Letter of Suggestions

Pic source: https://vernon-elca.org


The youngest loved member,

First existence,


“The stars spend most of the lives in gathering the matter which would make them capable of burning, but once they do, they fight and outshine in the darkest of the nights.”

Dear A,

I know that lately it’s been hard for you obliviate all the conventions and gather-up the longing courage to encounter the reality. I know the weary and the dreary stuff you’ve gone through which manipulates you to wander back to the previous sufferings. I know the pain you endeavor every time, whenever you try to get on board with your ship of courage. But babe, these woes neither decide the path nor define the destination you’ll head to. They are that moss which a rolling stone doesn’t gather. They aren’t meant to hold your consideration, so stop deploying your time into them. And to be true, they aren’t going to leave you alone. You’ll always be accompanied by these conventions wherever you go. You can’t always be affected by them. Could you? Leave what fluctuated your past and rejoice in your presence. You cannot bring back what’s lost but you can always give the best to this moment.

Sometimes it’s always better to let things work and move onto their own pace. We aren’t the masters of time but mere slaves instead. Our situations are drenched into the time waterfall, which decides them either to be a tragedy or a comedy. And once the judgment is done, our instance is defined. We can’t stop this waterfall – we can’t lessen the speed – we can’t reduce this span that life travels, but yes, the decision of tragedy and comedy embarks on us. It’s you who decide what to choose and when to choose. Example- Even if your fact is non-appreciating, you can add some fillers which don’t make your presentation boring, similarly, if you feel that your life has hung up, don’t just wither away like an old flower, instead add fillers.

People, other than you are the most excruciating segments of life. You get to bear and hear a variety of them. Trust me, you’ll find varied species in human form ever known to thrive on planet earth and mind it! They will leave you. They will ditch you. They won’t support. They’ll stab you. They won’t be kind enough to see your repute. Some of ‘em would appreciate and love to be with you but the majority won’t. Darling, you are never supposed to be affected by them ‘cause it’s not their life that they’ll be ruined, but yours. People come and go in life and you still remain the same. In the end, you’ll always be left alone. So, stay chivalrous and independent. Break free from all those customs which are barring you from living your moments. You’re a bird. You were meant to soar high and not hooked up to a nasty chain in a nasty society.

A glass when broken cannot be glued back it’s original form. However hard you try it seems unpleasant when you fix it. There’s no cure to its deformity. There are certain things in life which demand a one-time but solid decision. Once you’ve made it there’s no turning back. Therefore, make yourself capable enough to think wisely. You are that dilemma which is encountered after your every bad decision. It’s like hitting at the pool table but with only one striker chance – numerous possibilities with the least probability.

You are the sunshine of your life and the rain too. You are that scorching heat which prevents all the adversities from coming out of their hiding. Remember the sun imparts only its sunshine and not itself. You may embrace others but be never let down by them. This purpose of life is known to you and the methods to incarnate are within you. Whenever you feel swayed away, remember this is not the end there’s much more which needs to be figured out. After all, you don’t know what the future holds. The darkest clouds have the most vivid silver lines. All you need is to keep your head, heels, and standards high.

It’s me,


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