Suddenly Seventeen Reminds Us to Be True to Ourselves

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Suddenly seventeen is a Chinese movie that came out in 2016. It stars Ni Ni and Wallace Huo and Darren Wang in the titular roles.

The opening music is a cheerful pop which gives you an idea of what kind of film this is. The film is equally fun and heartwarming. We see Ni Ni making breakfast for her longtime boyfriend and she looks especially happy because she thinks he will propose her after all these years. That does not happen though and she finds herself in an embarrassing position when a plan by her best friend to make him propose backfires and instead their relationship ends.

In an attempt to win him over and look pretty and young like she used to be when she was a teenager, she orders a box of magic chocolates from a TV commercial. Unknown to her when she eats the chocolates her mind magically time travels to when she was 17. The effect stays on for 5 hours after which she comes back to her 28-year-old self. There is a struggle between the young and old Ni Ni but eventually, they work things out because both of them realizes that they need each other and she forgets in the meantime that they are the same person. There is a huge difference from the present Ni Ni to the past Ni Ni, but the movie also shows the similarity between them. Both the Ni Ni’s are ready to give up everything for the man they loved, while the older Ni Ni had already made the mistake, she tried hard to stop the younger Ni Ni from doing the same mistake again.

Wallace Huo plays the part of a designer working in a cosmetics company and the love interest of Ni Ni and is 34 years old. He comes off as selfish and self-centered. Ni Ni is the heroine of the film who has given up everything, her dreams of becoming a painter thus losing confidence in painting and unable to paint anymore for the love of her life who had proposed her during her college days to get married within 10 years and have a family. Now at 28, she has no other choice but to cling to that promise.

Darren Wang also plays the love interest of Ni Ni but for 17 years old Ni Ni. He is the exact opposite of Wallace Huo. He belongs to a gang, wears black, leather jackets and has a bike. He has no plans for the future, but to enjoy life and do what he wants to do. Unlike, Wallace Huo, who offers security and stability, Darren offers adventure and a wild ride which is why he is the object of affection for the young and carefree and a much wilder young Ni Ni, who wears a wig and dresses all emo and punk like the fashion of 2005 when Avril Lavigne and Backstreet Boys were at their peak.

The movie depicts the difference between the 17-year-old young carefree teenaged NiNi and 28-year-old NiNi. It shows how with time one’s priorities, one’s goals and even their own sense of self-changes but it sends a very sweet message that we should not lose our own identity by forgetting who we are for anyone or anybody.

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