Her Forgiveness

Pic source: https://www.goodtherapy.org

Her eyes trudged down my hands and all the way to my shoes. Her soft brown eyes cascaded love in each part of my body. She loved me and did I adore her. She once again held my hand and pulled me towards herself and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Her kiss gave me the utmost pleasure. The soft touch of her lips on my skin, the texture of her lips where they had cracked through years of winter. Her hands pulled me into a bear hug. My head was a perfect fit between her head and shoulder. Her brown locks were in my face. They smelled of sweet henna and dry sweat, a smell I had grown accustomed to, a smell which gave me the pleasure of sanctity and complacence. “You did nothing wrong, my dear.” She whispered in my ear. The mere words brought me to tears. The words gave me vivid accounts to the memory of my unfairness. The loyal and loving wife I had had always sacrificed and compromised along with me and at each step. But I had wronged the sacrament we had bond loved ourselves into. I had cut those bonds with my lack of trustworthiness , with my lack of perception.

I could feel her warmth through her sweat shirt. I could feel her heart thumping against mine. The simple breathing movements of calm conflicted the thousands thoughts drifting in my mind. “ My dear, I have not been faithful to you, I have given the love you deserved to someone else, the ribbon of marriage, wedding and trust have all been cut. I deserve not a place on your breast but one in your feet and still you embrace my so dearly as I was a child who had just broken a vase instead of a sacred vow. Still you, you……” I wanted to tell her how much I loved her, how much guilt I was harboring after pleasing myself with another woman. But my tears ran down to my chin and dropped on her hand. “ You have not done a wrong sweetheart you have only given my more faith in this marriage than years of faithfulness would have given, you have not done wrong my dear for my came in front of me and trusted me enough to tell the truth, only truth, accepting what you did and regretting it, but now I shall share a part of all your times, good and bad so here I am to fulfill my share my love.” She stroked my neck and head. My grief was now a bubble burst. My eyes ran like a river and my hands trembled but not of guilt but joy because my better half had given me a new life to look forward to. She carried me to the bed and made me lie down. In the process I did not know when my head reached her lap and I like a suckling child cried in it. All when he ran her hand through my hair and down the back. I did not know when I fell asleep but when I woke up I found her hand in my hair and my head in her lap. The light of dawn peered through the curtains, it seemed all my sins had washed away with the tears and all because of the beauty who now sat with her back against the sun. Her hair glistened and her dark skin seemed polished as stone. Such a wonder lived with me and I had fallen for a girl with too high a nose. But now I know that she was my everything-everything.

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