6 Thrilling Books That Will Keep You Up All Night

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
Nick Dunne wakes up on the morning of his 5th anniversary to find his beautiful wife Amy, missing. The police suspect him of the murder and the evidences point against him too. Evidences Nick never knew about. Evidences that can destroy his life and reputation. And Nick also finds the traditional treasure hunt that Amy prepared every anniversary for him. As he follows the hunt, he discovers a scary fact. He has absolutely no idea that Amy knew that. Now the question remains- Where is Amy?
Gone Girl looks like the usual ‘missing person’ mystery but as you ‘read’ through it, (don’t mind the pun!) you’ll realize that everything you know is wrong. And horribly twisted! That’s all I can say without spoiling the plot of the book. So if you can stomach gory stuff, this is the book for you! Try reading it in broad daylight if you want to avoid the nightmares.

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Divine Evil by Nora Roberts
A disturbed sculptor, Clare Kimball returns to her hometown which holds heart breaking memories from her past. She tries to focus on her work, living in her family’s old house. But something is brewing in the town. Something dark. Sinster. Strange practices surround the town. The sleepy town is now gripped with disappearances and murders. And all of a sudden, she finds in the midst of it. With her brother’s old friend, who is now the town sheriff, they must uncover the mystery of these sins. Before it’s too late.
Divine Evil is a steamy and electrifying novel which is filled with surprises. The plot is slow in the beginning with a lot of confusing references but as the climax heightens, the author rounds up all the ends and presents the scary reality which is plausible but out of the ordinary.

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Rachel is an alcoholic who takes the same train to work everyday. On her way, she sees houses on the train track side and imagines about them. It’s her favorite pastime. But things change when she sees something that she shouldn’t have seen. All of a sudden, she’s dragged into a serious case and she has no idea where this going to go. Why can’t she remember what happened that night? What’s wrong with her? Is she the culprit?
The Girl on the Train is different from the rest because it is in first person. This perspective changes our knowledge of the plot as it becomes one sided. But nevertheless, the author manages to keep the story intriguing. The protagonist is not exactly a likable person but I think the author intended to keep it that way. The ending is unsuspecting and out of the blue. Well, I think that is what defines a thriller!

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 Deception Point  by Dan Brown
Rachel Sexton is sent on a secret mission by none other than the President of the United States. NASA has made a ground breaking discovery and is about to unfold the great news to the world that will change history. But Rachel and her team discover something about this piece of scientific discovery that doesn’t seem quite right. Is this a real discovery or a carefully planted deception? Whose work is this? Rachel must find answers before this information threatens her life.
The Deception Point has a really interesting story line which draws you in from the first page. The protagonist is a strong headed figure and that makes the story gripping. The book is very smart, filled with scientific researches and that makes it a must read for science lovers. But be prepared for the twists because that is what Dan Brown does best. Scares you when you least expect it!

Pic source : https://www.amazon.co.uk

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
This classic novel is about a defamed journalist Mikael Blomkovist who has been fired for his controversial work. He finds himself drawn to an elderly former business magnate who promises to salvage his career in return for his services. Soon, Mikael becomes an investigator in a 40 year old case of a missing girl, who mysteriously vanished and was never seen again. As he starts solving the mystery of this disappearance, he meets Salmander, a girl who is different from any other that he’s ever met. Together, they uncover riddles but what they discover is nothing less of a nightmare.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a classic which should not be missed. It starts slowly and mundanely which takes away some charm of this incredible book. But the story is stimulating enough to keep you on your toes. As the secrets are revealed, the book just keeps getting better and better, ending with a bitter-sweet moment.

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The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon
Commander Robert Bellamy of US Naval Intelligence is dispatched on a top secret mission. A weather balloon has crashed in Switzerland and he must locate the witnesses to this incident so that they can be sworn to secrecy.
But as he conducts his search, he begins to suspect that he is being hunted. Soon, he realizes that he was only given a part of the truth and the reality is absolutely unbelievable. And lethal.
From Washington to Zurich, Rome, Paris the story unfolds to Bellamy’s past- why are his friends turning into his enemies, why the woman he loves can never return his love and why the world must never learn the incredible secret hidden on the Swiss Alps.

The Doomsday Conspiracy is one of the most straight forward book you will ever read. Or at least you think so! But when the plot starts spinning out of control, you will be as perplexed as the protagonist when you try to figure out what’s happening. It is an exhilarating novel accomplished with romance, action, surprise and betrayal. It is not a book that you should miss!

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