My Brother and Me

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My brother never thinks before he speaks

I’ve been taught to filter

I want to yell; we’ve come from differences,

You have been taught to grow out;

I have been taught to grow in;

You learned how to emit, produce, roll each thought off your tongue with confidence,

You’d  lose your voice every week from shouting

And I learned to absorb

I took lessons in creating space around myself

We all learn it from each other,

The way we learn to pick the plates of our brothers

All that aside,

Primarily I am concerned about the young woman who got raped

Bruised and broken

You will forgive her if she doesn’t come forward with the truth immediately

For when she does it is she who will stand at trial for damaged goods labeled across every inch of her skin

Everyone will say she asked for it,dressed as she was she must have wanted it

Tongue tied up with my cheek I attempted to respond with some honesty-

if you promote changes to woman’s behavior to prevent rape

Are really saying ‘he will rape the other girl’?

Another unfortunate damaged good?

Speak quietly, don’t swear, apologise more than is required

Wear that frilly pink dress and that makeup too but not too much

Wear that dress tight enough to show off that ass

But lose enough to maintain your class

Oh sweetie’ well behaved woman rarely make history,

Its not a mystery

You are smart enough to make these millions

Strong enough to bear your children

Now get back to business.

And if they say otherwise

Just whisper ‘Brace yourselves, winter is coming’

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