Why should you read Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas?


Dangerous Girls is Abigail Haas’s first foray into a teen thriller. She has previously penned two adult and four YA (Young Adults) contemporary novels. The book is every bit twisty and suspenseful as it offers a thrilling ride in just 300 pages. So it is a quick read for anyone who wishes to read a book but and not spending several hours on a book. Depending on how fast you read and what kind of a reader you are, you can finish the book within a day or two.

Let’s get to what the book is about. The story is about a girl Anna who finds a best friend in Elise when she moves to a new school. Together they, her boyfriend Tate and a bunch of other friends decide to go to this foreign destination Aruba to party hard and have the time of their life during the final school year. As it happens they do drugs, make out, party hard and also encounter some creepy dudes. Everything is well and fine until Elise is found dead in her room with her clothes torn. Who killed Elise and why? Anna finds herself accused of the murder of her best friend and is taken into custody and as she awaits the trial, suddenly not everybody are who she thought they were.

Although, the book falls under the Young Adult genre as the characters are in their teens but it is more of a mature Young Adult book. The book does not contain any character who is pure and perfect, they are all shown to be flawed and selfish in their own ways. There are running themes of friendships, relationships, love, guilt and a crime of passion. There are also underlying themes of jealousy, betrayal, revenge and obsessiveness.

Anna is shown as this quiet girl who keeps to herself and wishes to just go through high school but instead becomes the target of a Queen B**** ( You obviously know what the whole word is). Elise comes to her rescue soon after she finds her crying one day and they become best friends, bunking, sneaking out of the house late at night, going to parties and having each other’s back. Anna is shown as being completely devoted to her best friend and boyfriend, Tate.  Tate on the other hand, is a nice guy, he is good-looking and good-natured as Anna puts it at first, but he turns out like the rest not so nice and a coward.

Elise is portrayed as the beautiful girl who knows she is beautiful and knows how to work her sex appeal. She fools around with boys and is adept at getting things from boys with flirting. Everyone else at school and even her parents think she is the perfect girl until her death when everyone gets to know what she has been up to. Anna is blamed for influencing her in the wrong way, but the truth is both the girls influenced each other, not one was completely to blame. Things get murkier when another one of Elise’s girlfriend comes into play whom Anna crossed earlier.

Abigail wasted no time in setting the mood right from the beginning and placing the readers right into the murder scene from the very first page. The book reads like a fast-paced thriller and would keep you guessing until the very end and when the end draws near and the killer is revealed you will find your jaw on the floor. Just be sure to pick up your jaw up from the floor. You will feel a mixture of emotions from betrayal to complete denial and finally accepting it but still in utter shock. The reveal will shock you teaching you to be extra cautious who you root for and believe in because damn Abigail has mastered the art of playing with the reader’s mind!


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