A plea of Innocence


Pic source: https://www.ibtimes.co.uk

 “Innocence is thought charming because it offers delightful possibilities for exploitation” –    Mason Cooley

It is quite heart wrenching to see such barbaric crimes committed in a land of multicultural and tolerant people. My hands tremble as I go on to pick up the abandoned newspaper lying on the doormat every morning. As I open the neatly folded paper, my heart sinks in fear; it gets even worse with every page I turn into. Rapes, murder, harassment and the list go on. I am crestfallen to witness such treacherous acts of crime that leave me ashamed to be a part of this very society.

A country that celebrates years of traditions built on the foundation of secularism and multicultural values. A country that has taught me to live in harmony with different religions and sects, a country that allows me to worship in a sacred place without fear. Dargah, church or Gurudwara, I was never taught to differentiate between the three by my elders. I am sure many children like me have been brought up in the same way. Why this division all of a sudden? Why the difference between Hindu and Muslim? Why such crimes? Why the sexual harassment?

Many girls out there are fuming with anger over the Kathua Rape case. Why the shame attached to the victim is what I ask. Why not punish the ones who committed the crime instead?  Isn’t it enough for an innocent kid to bear the brunt of hate crimes? The victim is a small girl who deserved to play with dolls and toys, instead, her childhood was stolen by the beasts who still roam around in the chains of law.

Are our politicians still going to ignore the fact that there are thousands of sexual harassment taking place in different parts of the country? There might be another victim fighting to run away from the clutches of the patriarchal society, just as I type this article. Are we still going to defend the boys who commit such crimes? Blame the girl who wore provocative clothes or went out late night? Neither was the reason in this case. The girl was robbed of her childhood in broad daylight and I feel it is high time that we come together as responsible citizens of the society to fight for the safety of our children and restore their childhood with bright future.


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