Nuclearization to Denuclearization


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After all the war of words between U.S and North Korea which gave collywobbles to entire world, POTUS and leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, has finally agreed to suspend all nuclear test and close up all nuclear test sites is a welcome step. The world is finally at peace with the actions taken by the North Korean leader and we can finally be assured of a fruitful meeting between Donald Trump and Kim. (Considering the volatile attitudes of both the leaders, the world was quite skeptical of the meet.)
But though it looks all good in the first instance, not everything is jolly good with the current situation. To get the correct feel for the situation, we’ll have to understand the intricacies of nuclear weapons.
The usage weapons of mass destruction are the last thing anybody would look forward to under any situation. Such gruesome are the effects of the bomb that Japan is still trying to completely recover from the Atom bomb attacks of World War II. One could just imagine the effects of an attack now specially after technology has taken a huge step even in weaponry.
Still, every leader aspires to have a nuclear warhead for himself. Not that he is eager to use it, but it actually acts as a deterrent. Yes, you got it right. Leaders want to acquire a bomb not to make a war but to prevent the same. It is a common understanding that of another World War is to break out anytime soon and Nuclear Weapons are to be deployed, that would be the end of the world. Certainly, no one would want that. This is termed as Nuclear Deterrent.
Now given the tyrannical policies undertaken by Kim, it is thus clear why he was adamant in building a nuclear weapon for himself even after the concerted diplomatic pressure from United Nations Security Council. He was of the view that North Korea’s sovereignty would be in danger if he doesn’t have anything to defend himself with.We have historical proofs to support it.
Remember the fate of Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. They were pressurized to put an end to their nuclear weapons program by the world powers. Once they ended the program, they were overturned. Also, Trump is strongly accusing Iran of their nuclear weapon program and pressing hard to reimpose the sanctions.
Hence, having a nuclear bomb at their disposal would give them an extra leverage to put up their point in front of the giants like USA and Britain. Also, one could be sure of the Nation’s security.
Having this in the background, we cannot be very sure how the events would turn out for Kim in the near future. He has started to finally come out of his solitary territory and meeting with neighbors including China and South Korea. ‘Acche Din’ could be there for North Korea finally.
But, if Kim smells anything fishy in all this, then we must all gear up for some terrible things. And as I had already mentioned, the volatility of these two leaders can hardly be accounted for. The diplomatic balance of the world thus hangs in limbo.

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