Smoke or Sweet?


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• How many times have you had a situation where you just cant stop the stress, the anxiety, that rush that chills every inch of your spine- bad breakup (or just breakup in general), family stress, financial problems or even just a bad day where your brain just wont stop replaying ever second moment.
• And how many times have you binged on unlimited calories and swallowed enough caffeine in a day as a college student during a final exams week just to make daily things happen?
• Did you ever feel the need to pick up a cigarette at the end of it all, and let the smoke fill your lungs as you inhale the bad things exhaling a sense of satisfaction, relaxation mixed with smoke?
• Did you know that smoking causes one in ten death globally? Of course they don’t predict that the people who died were one of the 6.4 billion active smokers or passive smokers or those who smoke ‘occasionally’ to let loose.
• But offcourse cigarettes are dangerous, apart from the fact that for years various health departments and doctors have been telling us about the hazards and the types of cancer it is associated with-have you ever checked out those gross images on cigarette packets?and how can we forget that the government never fails to put extra taxes on them every year?
• Its actually kind of funny incase of sugar, our beloved friend found in cakes and pastries that we cut on the birthdays and anniversaries of our ‘sweethearts’ kills about four million people globally every year.
• And it bothers me why there is no picture on sugar packets of a person with dysfunctional kidneys or obesity or some Mukesh who pops up in the beginning of movies lying on the hospital bed warning us about the dangers of sugar.
• We know cigarettes are bad, sugar is bad and you will tell me that sugar can be substituted with Stevia or honey but once a smoker always a smoker.
• But to begin with, have you ever thought of the products actually having sugar?-your breads, your cereals, your biscuits, tomato ketchups, canned fruit juices, canned coffees, salad dressings, pastas, rice, yogurts, smoothies the list doesn’t stop.
• About 66% of kids in India have ‘abnormal levels of sugar’ in their body, as many as 50 million people are suffering from type-2 diabetes. There were over 72 million cases of Diabetes in the country in 2017 making India The Diabetics capital of the world.
• According to World Health Organization over 650 million people including 350 million children are obese.
• One in every five Indians are obese- sugar, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle are leading us to silent selfdestruction killing almost 2.8 million people every year.
• So even if there is a widespread notion that the war on tobacco has been won, I think the evidence shows that we need renewed and sustained efforts to get control of our ‘sugars’ too.
• A person under stress will find some distractions, a former smoker would most likely start smoking again.
• When a person smokes, the nicotine causes the brain to release neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that cause a person to feel better for a short period.
• When a person consumes sugar, the stress hormones, cortisol reduces, by stimulating the production an insulin. And just like nicotine sugar is an addictive chemical.
• To sound more alarming, in a study conducted by Princeton University suffering from sugar withdrawal exhibited some of the same behavior as junkies in need of a fix including chattering of teeth and wanting to stay indoors all day.
• So if the next time a person with stress or anxiety or a recent breakup takes out a packet of cigarettes while telling you their deep sad stories or cries away the night sitting on their bathroom floor having a binge which is high on sugar-take a deep breath, look them straight in the eye and tell them ‘YOU.ARE.ONE.BAD*SS! And you will hit the gym right now.’

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