Overrated News Headlines

Pic source: https://www.hindustantimes.com

I opened up my news app yesterday on the mobile to update myself on the recent developments in the world before I set out for work, the first news I come across is the arrest of Salman Khan for a case that has been long pending in the court. The media has being going bonkers from that time onward sending live updates on what Salman Khan might be doing inside the jail or what he must have had for dinner.

Its crazy yet sad to witness the state of media in our country  with breaking news flashing across the TV sets in many houses enacting how Salman Khan might have come out of jail or stayed in jail. Salman Khan was convicted for killing The Blackbuck, an endangered species,which is protected under Schedule 1 of the Indian Wildlife Act and the punishment for hunting Blackbuck can be up to six years. Salman Khan has also been accused of killing two Chinkaras  in September 1998. In all, three cases of poaching and one under the Arms Act were registered against Salman Khan in 1998. This is the fourth time he is going to jail He has spent a total of 20 days in the jail in 1998, 2006, 2007 and this time was his fourth trip to jail.

I don’t want to be counting the number of trips he made to jail but the fact that the entire news channels and social media can’t stop talking about it made me think if it was really a matter of great concern to the citizens of India when we have farmers suicide rates increasing and water crisis going overboard this summer with huge rate of unemployment.  I realize at this point of time that people do not want to talk about real issues or just chose to ignore it. Their self satisfaction and societal pressure has caught them to such an extent that they do not bother what is happening around them. When I set out to discuss about real issues that are a matter of concern with my colleagues, I end up discussing about their life problems instead.

We do not give a damn to anything that happens around us till it directly affects us and that has lead to an end of real journalism today. It would not be fair to blame the news channels and the journalists for practicing yellow journalism. Real journalists do exist and real news does get published but how many of us would actually care to read it. It might be easy to blame Arnab Gowsami for screaming on the T.V screens but we need to ask ourselves first, are we ready to discuss real world problems that is way more serious than Salman’s dinner in jail?  When we get an answer to that, we will have an end to yellow journalism in India.


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