Surprise Visits


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The best feeling while working is getting surprise visits from my feline fur ball!

I occupy the first floor of my home and sometimes, working on my projects and assignments seem so monotonous that I feel like giving up and going on a vacation, which needs money that requires me to have a job which again in turn requires a degree. So I mercilessly stifle the loud protestations of my heart and continue doing the same old mundane assignment I would have been working on since forever. But then, my baby would come, braving all the zillion stairs and other hidden dangers on her epic journey and would peek in from my door and mew at me, as if saying, “Know, then, you pathetic little hooman, here stands your Queen!”

Once she regally makes her presence known to me, her usual game is to walk around meowing outside my door.  She would point blank refuse to cross the threshold until I personally go and sweep her off her feet and carry her bridal style into my room- I wonder what she has been reading/watching!– despite all the lures I throw at her! Sadly, even after I get up from my cushy little spot on my bed, put away whatever I would have been working on, and chase after her to sweep her up- despite her pseudo protestations, she would still refuse to submit to my loving ministrations, very much unlike a model pet! She would not let me pet her, she would snip at me if I dare cuddle! All this because she would be having exploration on her mind!

So off she would go, sniffing and rubbing her whiskers against every exposed surface in my room, be it my books or even my laptop. After this very serious territory marking- as if there is another feline to compete with!– she would finally decide to make herself comfortable. It could be in my lap- where my laptop already would be perched– and this conniving little thing would very subtly keep pushing my laptop until she would be comfortably settled in, with my laptop balancing precariously at the very edge of my lap, and like the super-human cat owner that I am, I would super extend my arms to balance my laptop, just so that my little princess could sleep.

Ofcourse, sleep would be the last thing on her mind. She would snip at, bite, chew, and play with the paraphernalia that comes with my laptop, like the charger or the mouse or- the horror!– my pen drive! But like all good things, this too comes to an end, and she would soon be bored of my lap and would majestically walk off to make herself comfortable somewhere else. That, or dad would call her, and like the bad little kitten that she is, she would leave everything behind, walking all over my broken heart, and would just rush off to dad. And I be left swearing black and blue, calling her all kinds of names, and deciding to never ever pet her again.

But like all good resolutions, especially the New Year Weight Loss variety, this too would be broken the second she meows at me again! It seems I indeed am a pathetic little hooman!


Oh, here she is, peeking in! Time for some Catch Me If You Can!


….and sometimes she prefers lying on my laptop!

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