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I strongly believe that feminism is about having the freedom to be who you are. It is about choosing to be something, even if you are actuality adhering to the stereotypes, to the diktats of the patriarchal society. I believe Feminism is about knowing that you have a choice and the freedom to make that choice.

I have seen so many posts on Facebook and elsewhere about what a feminist woman should be like. A feminist woman should be financially independent. She should not be looking to her husband for financial stability. She should be able to fend for herself. Now this one I believe is pure bull. How on earth can you equate feminism with having financial stability? Do you mean to say then, that if a woman does not earn or, God forbid, if she depends on her husband for her expenses, she is not a feminist? Why can’t a housewife be a feminist? Why can’t a jobless woman be a feminist? It is almost as if a woman has the right to practice feminism only and only if she has proven herself to be equal to men or as being capable of surviving without their aid!

If a woman chooses to be a housewife, to not work, to look after her family, I believe she is a feminist. She has actively chosen the course of her life. She has taken this decision, instead of blindly following the diktats of society, though on paper it might look like she actually has bend under patriarchy or that she is one of those stereotypical parasitic gold diggers who just don’t want to work but rather live off their partners.

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Even those gold diggers, I believe are feminists. They are choosing to be that way. They are choosing to be what the society expects women to be, but instead of being disadvantaged and oppressed, they are using the situation for their benefit. If there are some men  who want  a woman with C or D cup, long legs and an hourglass figure, I don’t understand what is so wrong about women supplying into that demand.

Maintaining that kind of a figure takes a lot of hard work. Hours in the gym and giving up on sugar and chocolates, taking care of your complexion, wearing those heels- all of these is no joke!! And moreover, it’s not like these women have put a gun on the men’s head asking to be clothed, fed, kept in fashion! The men themselves have decided to do that. Yet at the first opportunity, they turn around and call these women bitches. Plastic dolls. Airheads. Blondes. Sluts.

Why this double standard?

Moreover, what is so wrong with being a plastic doll? An airhead? A slut?

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