Heading for Namesake Empowerment?

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While the world celebrates International woman’s day in honor of all the women who have set an exemplary example in many fields and the spirit of womanhood that have ensured the sustainability of societies for many decades. While the world was busy talking about how women have crossed the obstacles to reach new heights, we forgot that there are many women even today who are still unable to free themselves from the shackles of the society.

There is no denying to the fact that women today, have access to education and many other facilities which was just a luxury few years back. There are separate quotas and reservation kept for women in various fields to ensure gender equality in all forms. There are many new opportunities that keep popping up especially for women. The corporate sector is trying its best to make their organisation more women friendly by introducing maternity leaves and child care facilities. The organization also ensures a certain percentage of female directors in the company board. When it comes to government organisations, there are quotas for women that ensures equal opportunities for them. There are numerous government schemes today, that encourage girls to achieve their dreams.

The women in our country have being doing very well so far. Today, we have women pilots and astronauts touching the sky and women entrepreneurs giving tough competition to men in business. While there are many women who have dared to dream beyond the skies , there are some who have fallen victim to the norms of the society, some whose voices are been silenced under patriarchy and some who are caught in the cobweb of traditions.

Meenakshi college murder1jpg
Pic source: http://www.thehindu.com

Not even a day passes by after the International woman’s day celebration, I open the newspaper and I find a disturbing news of a 19 year old girl been killed by a man who slit her throat in broad daylight in Chennai, India. The police investigation suggests that it is a clear case of stalking. The boy had been stalking her for months and insisted on marrying her. When the girl did not agree to this, he decided to end her life just like that. Its becomes quite scary for any girl out there to deal with men when such incidents happen often. What if he cannot take a no for an answer? What if he troubles my parents? What if he starts stalking me? These questions run through every girl’s mind who is out there including me. Spreading vulgar MMS or throwing acid on her face is a reality that exists even today in our country.

A day after this incident,  another similiar incident pops up on the newspaper according to which police in Rajasthan’s Baran district have lodged a case against four people for allegedly gangraping a 40-year-old woman around 20 days ago. Police said the victim filed a complaint four days ago, accusing the men of gangraping her and circulating a video of the act.

Violence against women has become so common now that our eyes have become sore to the everyday news reports on crime against women. It is disheartening yet frightening to accept the reality that is quite evident but is ignored by many. While there are many who feel uncomfortable talking about it, there are few who are not allowed to voice their opinion on such matters while there are others who remain ignorant to such matters.

Woman’s day is not only celebrated to acknowledge the achievements of womanhood but to highlight the challenges and the problems faced by women. A mother always teaches her daughters to behave in a appropriate manner to fit into the society, the same should be applicable for her sons too. For all the young mothers out there, this woman’s day take a pledge to teach your son to accept a NO for an answer because your daughters too have the right to live for themselves. When that happens, it will be a woman’s day in true sense.




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