Come and Fall in Love with Lucknow

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Lucknow; which is also known as the “CITY OF NAWABS”, has an essence of nawabi norms in its air. Lucknow, is not only applauded for its Awadhi cuisine but also noted for its relics and historical heritages of former generation of ‘The Nawabs.’ I was born and brought up here in Lucknow, and I’m acquainted to every single nerve of my hometown. The major plus point about this city is that, it is filled with etiquette’s and comradeship, whether its about the way of communication or about the hospitality. .Accommodation of this city will make you feel like in the bosom.

Here, I’ll make you aware of some, of the most famous delicacies and relics of Lucknow;

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TUNDAY KE KABAB:- If I talk about Awadhi cuisine, then ‘Tunday Kababi’ is the first choice of every visitant in Lucknow. Tunday Kababi is famous for its delicates Kebabs, whose one bite, melts in your mouth instantly and soothes you to death. Kebabs of Tunday come under, Awadhi cuisine and was emerged in Awadh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, by Haji Murad Ali, and now it is famous all around the world.

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WAHID BIRYANI:- When it comes to Awadhi cuisine, no one can compete with ‘BIRYANI’. Biryani is that course which is very much exalted all over the world. And, Wahid Biryani is maintaining this legacy since 1955. Wahid Biryani is an Awadhi rice dish, made with the combination of 55 secret spice packets of ingredients, and these ingredients are the elegance of this recipe. I’ll not deceit, I am a “WAHID BIRYANI LOVER”, since childhood. Its lavishness can’t be expressed in theory, it can only be assumed in our sensory roots of body. Every bite of this biryani, will tell you his own tale, and will make you obsessed for it. Wahid Biryani is not only famous in India but also in abroad, and is also known as “PRIDE OF AWADH AT LUCKNOW”.

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PRAKASH KULFI:- Last and the most anticipated, “PRAKASH KULFI”, Yass!! The best and the most adoring desert of all time. To be honest, Prakash Kulfi is my real love of all time. Kulfi is basically an Indian ‘Gelato’. Prakash Kulfi is one of the most famous dessert shop in Lucknow, which has been serving this dessert for the last 53 years, and making Lucknowites exultant, by keeping their quality and taste to the finest. They traditionally serve this dessert with an ingredient called ‘Faluda’ at the top of it which makes this Kulfi even more alluring.
There are several eating joints in Lucknow which I cannot negate, but I have summoned up the most exalted eating joints of all time by Lucknowites.
Lucknow, is not only about its Awadhi delicacies, but also about its historic relics and heritages;

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1) BARA IMAMBARA:- Major center of attraction for all visitants and globe trekkers around the world is, “BARA IMAMBARA”. It is a complex, which was built by Asaf-ud-Daula, Nawab of Awadh, in 1784. It is also known as Asafi Imambara. Bara means ‘big’ and Imambara is a reliquary, which was built by Shia Muslims. It is one of the grandest building of Lucknow. Imambara is traditionally a kind of labyrinth and a step with well running water. It was said that there are 1024 ways to reach the terrace but only one way to come back down. Bada Imambara is hell scary. All that pin drop silence in those corridors will scare you to death. Most of the doors are locked now, but still you’ll find it fascinating.

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CHOTA IMAMBARA:- Chota Imambara, also known as ‘Imambara Hussainanbad Mubarak’, is located near Bara Imambara, in the city of Lucknow, UP, India. It was built as a reliquary hall for Shia Muslims, by Muhammad Ali Shah, the Nawab of Awadh in 1838, to serve as his own enshrinement and his mother’s who is buried beside him. Chota Imambara isn’t that scary, it looks more like a memorial hall, according to me. But it is fascinating equally like Bara Imambara.
So, these are the most famous delicacies and heritages, for which Lucknow is famous for since independence. Surroundings of Lucknow, is exactly what you’ve heard and read, ultimate peace and solace. If you are planning your trip to this breathtaking city, be sure to be blown away by the enchanting city which will leave you saying “Muskuraiye! Aap Lucknow me hain”.

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