Prejudiced Skin Tones

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Prejudices; it is well known and are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been fertilized by education and etiquette, they grow there , firm as weeds among stones. Prejudice is of different sorts, whether is it about nationality, color, caste, creed or sex. Prejudice is everywhere and in every country. Today, I decided to talk about the “PREJUDICE OF COLOR”. Now, when it comes to talking about skin color, humanity always conventionalize themselves and show sympathy towards, “BROWN SKIN TONE”, for them only brown skin tone  comes under racism.

Yeah yeah! I know about all the happenings that had taken place before, in reference to brown people, that how white people had treated them viciously. But, now we all are living in 2018, and I believe in tolerance and equality. In order to give privilege to brown people, human race is still oblivious about the “CONS OF PALE SKIN”. After all this research, cons of pale skin are more severe than cons of brown skin.

Albeit, As an Indian, I have a pale skin. While googling the cons and pros, I have found an article on site,( and, I have summoned up few pointers on cons of having pale skin for you all, and they are:-

1) Brown skin people do not undergo for ageing signs so early, while pale skin people do at an early age.

2) Brown people during summer can bask under scorching sun rays without awning themselves, but white people have to camouflage themselves to prevent tanning and redness of skin, and to escape from sunburn too. ( Believe me! I have undergone tanning and still scrubbing my whole body to remove tan).

3) Brown people can step out of their houses without make up mostly, but white people cannot step out without make up, because eye bags, blemishes and uneven skin tone pops-up more on pale skin tone.

4) “PIMPLE PROBLEMS!”. YES! Pale skin people suffer from pimple marks, blackheads and whiteheads problems more, because they flaunt more on pale skin and take time to fade away.

Like I said, prejudices exist everywhere. If majority of people are educated, then there are minority who are ignoramus and stereotype. According to science, tan skin comes under beauty, but according to European history  white skin is an epitome of beauty. Every country has different beauty standards and criteria. India itself have several beauty standards. For North India, white skin tone comes under their beauty standards, but for South India, tan skin comes under their beauty standards, according to what I’ve seen and heard.

Diversity is everywhere. I am from North India, and fortunately there are all skin tones people. But, some people still crave for white skin tone girls in 2018. However, I can relate to brown skin girls, because, when I was full tanned few years back, people used to think that I was born with brown skin and they used to tease me with all slang. But, all I wanted to tell you that, it doesn’t matter, that whatever skin tone you were born with, every skin tones has its cons and pros. It is high time that we stop endorsing beauty products and make every person realize out there that they look the best in the skin tone that they carry naturally.

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