Superwoman Named Granny #3

Route Mapping for an important Mission

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Let me start by telling you guys that my granny is not afraid of anything. Be it trying absurd recipes or choking down any person who dares to mess with her. Like the dialogue from the movie ‘Chennai Express’, the word ‘impossible’ does not exist in her dictionary.  She is the adamantine wall that stands before me and the entire family which is difficult to break.

That been said, she is the kind of person who would always offer me help voluntarily, even if she is clueless about it. Whenever I would sit in front of my laptop spending nights staring at it and burning the midnight oil just to meet my assignment deadlines, she would come to me and whisper in my ears to ask if I needed any help.I would give her a puzzled look for a moment thinking how would she help me? Just for her satisfaction, I would assign her a task of arranging the pile of books on the table or the small bits of paper with notes written in an unruly manner. You should see the smile on her face, her crinkled baggy face would suddenly glow with happiness.

Its just amazing to see how such small things can make her so happy.  It happened to be my birthday weekend and I had gone for a church visit with a wish list for my birthday. As my granny happens to live near the church, I decided to visit her and spend some time with her. She had prepared special lip smacking breakfast for me and served me with hot coffee as soon as I entered her house. We were having our usual chit chat over breakfast when  she suggested for a shopping trip.

She wanted to buy me something nice for my birthday so we decided to go to a shop in the same locality to buy me a dress. Immediately she jumped up and started to get ready draping herself in her favorite sari, while I made sure to look decent enough to enter the shop. We were all set and ready to go, right when I was about to keep my foot outside the door, she gave me a blank look. I thought to myself, wait! I have seen that look before. Well, she forgot her keys yet again and we wasted nearly thirty minutes searching for the house key. Finally, she would realize that she had it in her purse this whole time. Breathing out in disbelief over what just happened, in times like these I would just give her an unusual stare and carry forward with the work.

So here we were, waiting for an auto rickshaw, to take us to our destination. There was a dark guy in an auto with big dark mustache who immediately stopped and agreed to take us. I hardly cared about asking him and hopped on to the auto as we had already wasted a lot of time over key search. As soon as the meter started, I requested the driver to take me to a particular shop but my granny insisted on visiting another one which was unknown to me.

I was told that the shop was near the house but the driver kept taking us through narrow roads with large potholes as the destination seemed never-ending. I immediately felt there was something wrong. I turned to my granny to tell her that we are been fooled but my granny responded back in a very normal tone saying ‘ It’s ok! maybe there is traffic on the other route’. Before I could open my mouth to begin a fight with her, she added by telling me not to worry as we are near the destination. Although, I am very sure that she  herself must have been confused over the route taken by the driver. Finally, after a long trip , we reached the destination. After getting down, my granny slowly whispered in my ears, ‘ I think we came by the wrong route’.

I tried to remain calm and composed when she uttered that sentence from her mouth. But once I reached the place, I realized she had taken all that trouble just to buy me something nice for my birthday. These small little adventures with my granny are the most special moments for the special bond that we share and the happiness that we get over such silly arguments are the best thing to happen in a journey called life.


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