Fortuitous Youtube Stardom

When the universe seems to be running slow and I have enough time in world, I scroll through YouTube watching random videos to when I am bored to death. YouTube is the greatest invention and a lifesaver for many of us out there. For the exuberant learners who have turned to YouTube for their newly found hobby or others scrolling through random videos to lighten up their mood, many today have found their way to entertainment and stardom through YouTube.

There are many people varying from different corners of the country to different age groups who have adapted to YouTube as a way of connecting to the audience. There are many separate channels today for different entertainment purposes. While there are some channels which are not much popular among the audiences, there are some other YouTubers who have rose to fame making it big among the audience and the media.  YouTubers like Superwoman, AIB, EIC etc have become famous names today. I happen to be a big fan of their work and never miss watching any video posted by them.

While there are YouTubers who have worked their hard way to fame, there are few of them whose story to stardom remain a mystery. I have been in a state of vexation for the past few weeks with everyone sending me some random video of a girl winking and smiling.  Although I admit, the girl in the video seemed very pretty, but my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter was hacked with the pictures of this girl flooding all over the stories wall of the social media. The world was going crazy about the girl and I had no idea why. So, I decided to review the song link,Oru Adaar Love, sent to me on Whatsapp and find what the hype was all about.


Obviously , by now you know which girl I have been talking about. Yes, it’s Priya Varrier, the girl who took the media with storm with her famous wink and became a overnight sensation. The social media, news channels and YouTube reaction channels were enough to make her a celebrity. No one would have anticipated that a wink would lead someone towards the path of stardom.

There is another such similar story of a YouTuber named Dhinchak Pooja. We might call it a fatal accident of a Youtuber with the audience who gave her so much love and support despite her eerie and abnormal song lyrics. The lyrics of the song are of such phenomenal quality that they get stuck in your head forever and haunt you in your wildest dreams. Her songs made her so famous that she got the opportunity of a lifetime to appear on the biggest reality show of India, Big Boss. She is now a singing sensation of India with thousands of followers who worship her.

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It’s strange how such Youtubers rose to such popularity among the youth of the nation overnight. They have went on to become icons for all those aspiring artists who plan to make it big on YouTube. Well, be it good or bad popularity, such unexpected fame and stardom has made the two individuals an icon and YouTube continues to set such examples and trends by producing more such amazing and talented YouTubers.

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