You tube Fever with Fitness Trainer,Marischa


It is a real luxury for many people across different countries to get access to different fitness exercises and advises at the comfort of their home. Fitness is important to ensure a healthy and happy life but many of us are preoccupied in our busy schedule in bustling city life which makes it difficult to find time for workouts. I decided to try short workouts which would help me stay in shape and I came across Fitness Type channel which offers you some amazing workouts to stay fit. Le Amusant was lucky enough to interview the fitness trainer herself, Marischa.

“It is important to be conscious about healthy eating, sufficient exercise and rest.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I am Marischa and I live in the Netherlands.

When I was four, I started doing sports. I have done many different sports. Gymnastics, dancing (jazz-, show, –  and break dance) kickboxing, running, mountain biking and fitness.

I’m a certified beautician but I figured out that it was not the profession I always wanted to do. So, I also studied business administration and online marketing. Currently I work full time as a teacher on a high school.

What is your definition of being fit?

In my opinion you are fit if you have a good basic condition. If you have enough energy to do the things you want to do. But being fit is also feeling comfortable in your own skin and not being sick often.  

When did you first start thinking about fitness and getting in shape?

Sport has always been part of my life. Being fit and healthy are part of that. Having a good figure and being in shape is a good thing but not the most important thing.

I started Fitness Type almost 4 years ago. I did that because I noticed that there are many people who do not go to the gym because they are insecure about their body or can’t afford it financially.


Do you think social media has helped people on their fitness journey?

I certainly think so! Joining me via YouTube is free and has a low-threshold.

People can do a workout from their own environment when it suits them. They can also choose a workout that matches the level of fitness they have.

I often receive thankful reactions where people indicate that they achieved good results.

I am happy to help people and grateful for the appreciation people have for my work.

 Tell us a little bit about your You tube channel. What kind of exercise do you recommend for staying in shape?

It’s important to choose workouts that fit your fitness level.

If you just start exercising, do not choose a super intense workout but start with a workout for beginners and/or low impact.

In addition, it is important not to exaggerate immediately. Rest is very important. The body must be able to recover.

My advice is always to do a combination of strength and cardio.

There are many You tube channels dedicated to such workouts. What makes your channel different from others?

I think my subscribers would be able to answer this question better. 

I think Fitness Type is different because I am real. I do not make a show of my workouts. I fully participate and show that I, too, sometimes have a hard time.

I am consistent in uploading new workouts. I also listen to the requests and tips that I receive and always try to do something with them.

There are many who practice a busy lifestyle and get no time for workouts. What do you recommend for them?

Especially when you are busy it is good to do a workout. Doing a workout ensures that you do not think about all the obligations you have.

The short workouts that can be found on my YouTube channel are all suited to do at home and take little time.

No matter how busy you are, you can always find half an hour of spare time if you want.

I work full-time myself and I do not always want to do a workout when I get home but you feel so much better when you’ve done it.

A quick workout is always better than doing no workout.                                                                                                                                           

According to you, how much time should a person dedicate to keep his body in shape?

How much time someone has to spend to keep the body in shape is not for me to determine. It depends on too many personal factors.

If you have specific goals then you will have to go for it.

What kind of diet do you follow along with your workouts to stay fit? 

I think no one should follow a very strict diet. If you want to lose some pounds you will have to avoid the sugars. For everyone it’s important to have a varied diet.

If you have eaten something worse for a day or a week, make sure you compensate for it.

As a fitness trainer, how would you motivate individuals who aren’t really into fitness?

Sports is good for everyone. Even if you think that fitness is not for you.

There is always a workout that you like. For one person it is strength training, for the other it’s a step workout.

If you are not yet active, try out a few different things and see what you like. Doing the type of workouts that you like will make it a lot easier to keep stamina in the long run.

Sometimes we start off with great enthusiasm but end up losing interest half way through. How can we keep ourselves motivated throughout to maintain a healthy life?

If you experience that you feel better when you are fit, that should give motivation to keep it going.

We all have good and less good periods.

Do not overdo it and keep it workable for yourself. Improve by little steps and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Any tips or message you would like to give our readers for a healthy living.

Go ahead and use my free workouts on YouTube to get or stay fit by subscribing to my channel

A number of free programs can be found on my website

These give you guidance and are easy to follow.

If you want to be helped more individually, you can reward my work via

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and giving such amazing tips on fitness to our readers, We hope that you keep up the fitness fever going among all the fitness freaks and enthusiastic beginners through your channel.

Follow us for more such interviews and tag yourself in the comment box below if you want to be featured on our blog. Cheers!

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