Young Lives Lost over Sanguinary Shooting


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It is heart-wrenching to hear young and innocent lives been taken away in a place which used to be a safe haven for the students. It was another regular day and every kid was in a exultant state of mood as many carried gifts, cards and flowers to wish their loved ones on Valentine’s day. Little did they know that the day would turn subfusc and depressing for the entire state. According to the report, a 15 year old boy open fired on the staff and the students in the school leaving 17 dead and many injured in the mass shooting.

The terrifying shooting took place in Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida.The shooter is identified as a 19 year old boy who was previously expelled by the school authorities as a part of disciplinary action. Never would have anyone thought that such an expulsion would lead to something dreadful after a while. The boy was apparently influenced by arms and ammunition, there were many Instagram pictures and magazines according to the sources,  pointing out to the fact that he fancied violence and guns.

Young kids are today, stand more vulnerable to the atrocities of the virtual world. Virtual world has become a wall between the kids and the real world. It is not just a problem in Western countries but even in India, cases of such cold- blooded killings by young students have been reported in the past. Kids today are satisfied living in secluded environment and depend on technology as a source of outlet or entertainment. It is quite common to come across inappropriate violent content on television which definitely leaves a footprint in the youngsters minds.

Republican senator in Florida immediately took action and ensured strict patrolling with armed marshals in the school premises by passing a bill to prevent any tragedies in future. This would definitely ensure more security and make the children as well as the parents feel safe inside the school premises. But this would only ensure a temporary solution to a dangerous trend of violence emerging among the youths.

Schools all over the world need to take this as a warning, so that no other school would suffer the same fate as this one. Schools need to have a team of active and professional counselors who help in solving problems and issues faced by the students. The school should collaborate with parents to keep a check on the technology they are exposed to and counsel the parents as well on the time limit and amount of exposure to the virtual world. Students should be encouraged more to play outdoor games and participate in group activities that help them deal with real life situations. The students who adapt to such violence usually are incapable of dealing with the problems themselves and turn to such monstrous way of solving the issue. Do not turn down any child who seeks your help, listen to them and understand them. Students, parents,teachers and the authorities need to come together to ensure a safer environment for the students to cherish their school memories forever.


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