Pic source: http://brainybeauty-life.blogspot.in

I was laughing
When I stopped.
It felt as if
The world
Had gone silent-
It was just me,
My loud frantic
And Her.


The same laughter,
The same voice…
The same droll way
Of moving her hands
As she talked-
It was her!
My body screamed-
I waited,
Not breathing
Not moving
Until I was
Facing her,
Until I saw
In her eyes.


No reaction.


I was a stranger
To her,
As she was
To me.
Time unfroze-
She moved on.
And I started
To breathe again.


The pain
Of putting up
Lost” posters,
Of having someone
And never return-
The hope
Which wills them
To be alive
And well,
The despair
Of looking for them
In crowds,
In every face
That you pass by…


And the unending
May the Lord keep you
Wherever you are!
May the stars
Guide you back


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