Superwoman Named Granny #2

                                                                  Technology crisis

Cartoon Granny Chatting on Mobile Vector Illustration
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I have already introduced my superwoman to all my readers. I love everything about her. Her buoyant and eccentric behavior makes her an extraordinary woman in her own way. She loves chatting with people, be it stoned strangers or unenthusiastic neighbors. If you dare mess with the young lady, thou tongue may be twisted or be ready to be chided with unheard slang. Unfortunately, her son and daughters reside in different parts of the world today which is why technology has come to play a significant role in her life.

She comes from an era where the role of technology in daily lives was only limited to a telephone. The telephone was earlier a treasured piece of attraction which occupied the table in the middle of the living room of every house. That is how my granny would narrate to me. But now, every member of the house has one mobile, each making technology and phone calls even more complicated. My granny already had a telephone at home but she insisted on having a mobile to be updated to today’s generation.

According to her wish, she got a mobile phone and a tab to begin her experiments on phone. She is just a beginner when it comes to operating mobiles. But my granny being the iron lady, never stops giving up and insists on learning every mode of operation on mobile.You should see her operating the mobile, she is faster and sharper than a ninja. She would swipe and click at anything haphazardly but never give up on learning. Even if that means teaching her the same thing thousand times.

I started with whats app, as it is the most necessary mode of communication. I taught her the basics of chatting and calling on whats app. The next day I received bizarre pictures of her white hair and small feet. I wondered if there had been any serious problem which is why she is sending me such pictures and alphabets typed in a disordered way. I decided to find the fons et origo of the problem and fix it, so that I stop receiving such absurd messages. When I visited her home, I checked her phone and her whats app history. It seemed like she had sent many such pictures and messages to random people without her own knowledge.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I realized she had sent so many messages and made random calls on whats app. She looked at me, somewhat miffed but at the same time her eyes were showing clear signs of helplessness. My heart would melt immediately the moment she would make a puppy face and sit next to me. I would then teach her every step being calm and patient. The moment I would have finished explaining her the entire procedure, she would immediately fire questions at me. By the time I ended the lecture session, I would realize that she forgot everything I told her. Catching my breath while I start to feel dizzy, I would explain her the entire process right from the beginning.

Every time I go to visit her, she would greet me with two mobiles in her hand, ready to assign me the tasks for the day. Right from sorting out her messages to checking all the apps on her phone, I have officially become her technician. Be it her television which would suffer from mood swings now and then or the collection of torches she would keep at various hideouts around her house. When I am not around to help her, she would call me up and make sure that I fix it up for her. It might get a bit troublesome sometimes, but when I look at her, I see a strong and independent lady not afraid of anyone,annoying sometimes but lovable most of the time, ready to take on the world by storm. Her experiments with technology continue even today and I continue to be a part time technician, while I cherish watching her try new things over same old conversations.



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