Recipes for Good Health #1

Momos made Healthier! Credits: Granny

We all love momos, don’t we? Everywhere you go around India, in every nook and corner of the street, you are bound to land in a momo food counter. They have become a lifeline for many and this comes from a obsessed momo lover who never shares her plate of momo with anyone and that person is none other than myself. I was with my granny in the kitchen asking her to cook something different for a tea snack. She scanned through the ingredients throughout her kitchen and came up with this lovely twist in momos which no one could have imagined. She is a creative genius when it comes to cooking. Banana stem momos served with spicy tamarind curry is the perfect momo combo I have ever tasted in my life. It might sound a little weird but try it and you might end up liking it.

Banana Stem Momos

1 cup Maida or Cake Flour

Banana stem

3 tsp Oil or Butter

Take the Maida in a bowl and roll it into a dough adding required amount of water and 3 tsp oil if required to make the dough softer and lighter. Cook the banana stem by removing the shell and cutting it into round and small pieces. You can add Turmeric, salt and chili powder according to your taste and the amount of spice required in the stuffing.

Once the banana stem is soft and tender, put down to cool it and prepare for the stuffing. Put the steam pot on stove and bring it to low heat. Take small pieces of the dough to create round and flat medium sized base for the stuffing.

You can use oil to ensure the dough does not get to sticky. But if you are conscious about using oil, you can stick to plain dough. Once the base is ready, in goes the stuffing according to the size of the base and cover the top by folding the tip like a bean bag.

Put it on the steaming pot by greasing the base with little oil so that it does not stick to the plate. After 15 mins, open the pot and you will have hot and steamy banana stem momos ready. Healthy and tasty recipe which can be served with chili tomato sauce or any spicy curry, preferably tamarind curry.

The maida(cake flour) dough can also replaced by wheat flour to make it more healthy but it would require double the cooking time. Just make sure that you roll the dough into thin bases so that it gets cooked easily and well in time. Do try this recipe and let me know if you liked it. Till then, stay healthy and eat well!

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