Can India Afford Such Medical Clangers?

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Medicine is one of the most respected and professional field today with millions of lives dependent on the hands of doctors who become their messiah in times of need. It takes many years of practice and commitment to master this discipline but unfortunately, there are many quacks and fraudulent practices today that are damaging the reputation of everyone attached to medicine.

According to the NDTV sources, at least 21 people have been infected with HIV in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao allegedly after a quack used a common syringe to administer injection. Further investigation into the matter revealed that the quack, who lived in neighboring village had used a single syringe for injection in the name of cheaper treatment. The infected patients were immediately shifted for further treatment to suppress the progression of the virus in their bodies.

Such malpractices are the reason why many such innocent people who have the least knowledge on modern technology and practices of medicine, are taken advantage of. This is not the first time that many people together have become the scapegoats. In 2012, a gruesome act took place that left many perturbed. In a small village in Chattisgarh, many women came under the radar of such malpractices and as per the information through media, the doctors have so far managed to make roughly 2 crore (10 million) rupees ($360,000) [] in recent months by removing uteruses without any valid medical reasons.This was supposed to be a medical camp organised under a government scheme but unfortunately, it turned to be fatal for many women.

Andhra Pradesh records the highest number of such operations performed across the state. There are many women who go through this treatment at an early age without any prior knowledge and succumb to early ageing and hormonal problems due to such treacherous medical practices. There are many such malpractices happening right under the nose of national schemes which are supposed to be helping poor people get medical insurance and cheaper treatment.

Such fraudulent practices have been going on for a long time now in the medical stream. Although, there are many doctors out there who are dedicated to performing their duty towards the poor and the needy. But the increasing number of malpractices spoils the reputation and the faith on medicine. Medicine was invented to treat the diseases in humans and ensure a safer world but it seems the opposite today. Medicine had created more fear, spreading more diseases than stopping them. Government should take effort towards creating strict monitoring facilities under such medical schemes to avoid such malpractices and ensuring proper awareness among the citizens in rural areas to avoid such medical blunders in future.

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