Movie Review ~ Padmavat

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Let me begin by congratulating the entire team of Padmavat for taking us on a mesmerizing and enthralling ride that will definitely leave you transfixed. Despite all the controversies and the censor board drama, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has done a impeccable job giving the audience a visual treat for the eyes.

The movie stars Deepika Padukone ( Rani Padmavati), Shahid Kapoor( Maharawal Ratan Singh) and my personal favourite Ranveer Singh( Alauddin Khilji) The movie is set in the 13th century when the Sultanate were spreading their influence in India. The movie revolves around legendary Rajput queen, who was according to¬†Padmavat, the wife of Rajput king Ratan Singh, the ruler of Mewar. The news of Padmavati’s beauty reached Sultan Alauddin Khilji, who besieged the capital, Chittor, motivated by his desire to capture the queen.

I was left spellbound by Ranveer’s onscreen performance in the movie. It was quite astonishing yet a treat to watch a person who is known for his ebullient nature, play such a intense character with such perfection.The crowd went crazy and started whistling the moment he entered onscreen. He succeeds in making the audience believe that he is the most evil and treacherous ruler who should be hated for all wrong reasons. No wonder he is the powerhouse of Bollywood.

Deepika as Queen Padmavati stole our hearts with her bewitching beauty adorning the attire of Rajput princess. With fierce eyes and charming smile, Deepika has done full justice to the role of a courageous princess. Be it her hunting skills, the Ghoomar dance or the warrior mode, Bhansali is successful to a certain extent in capturing the essence of a complete woman who can take the form of Kali or goddess when the situation demands. Although the depiction of Jauhar( self immolation done by women on the death of their husbands) has been quite controversial and a subject of debate, it bought tears to my eyes. The self immolation of hundreds of women is a scene that would be difficult to imagine today after centuries when such a practice has been abolished.

Shahid Kapoor has also done equal justice to his role even though his role seems to be of a underdog in the movie. He does manage to look dapper in Rajput attire but is overshadowed due to the demand of the script and overpowering performance of Ranveer Singh.

There are many scenes that seem to be missing which has been censored. The movie ends on a abrupt note while I was waiting for more. Overall, the movie is a must watch for every period film lover. The breath-taking cinematography, scenic forts,melodious music, colorful attires and great acting makes it a movie that need to be watched in theater with your entire family.

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