Superwoman named Granny #1

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Preparation for Church

I sat down with my laptop to write something interesting and fun to share with my readers. The first thing that came to my mind is the serious yet witty conversations I have with my grandmother. They are the best thing that could happen in your life. They make your life extra spicy and joyful. Even though there might be a huge difference between our age and thoughts, we can talk for hours on random topics.

I am sure you have seen and heard of Superwoman  do many heroic acts onscreen but I consider myself lucky to have witnessed the wonders of Superwoman in real life. The Superwoman I am talking about is none other than my beautiful granny. She is the rock of the family who knows each and every person in the family to the core. Be it her four daughters who are poles opposite or her only son who is her favorite and her grandchildren who love messing around in her house. We have shared a lot of memories together and each day I spend with her turns into a good lasting sweet memory which is why I decided to write grandma chronicles so that I could share all the funny and sweet encounters that I have had with her.

My granny is way to religious as it is impossible for her to spend even one day without going to church. That’s how our granny’s roll once they become old. Praying for the entire family and serving the Church priests and nuns becomes the motto of their life. Its a treat to watch her get ready for church everyday. Going to the church is the most important task of the day for her which she cannot afford to miss. Be it the unfavorable weather or uninvited guests at home, Church is the destination for ultimate solace according to her.

Right from mom’s neck pain to my exam grades or be it for my sister’s weight gain. The list of prayer petition is long and would include the most silliest petitions you would have ever heard. My granny would take time and recall all of it before going to Church everyday. It is always fun to watch her getting decked up for the church. The preparation would begin the night before. She has a peculiar way of wrapping a saree.( traditional dress in India) She would  mix and match the saree with an odd color petticoat and when asked she would simply reply ‘that’s my style’. Well! You can never win over an argument with your granny.

My granny is known for her stylish Diana cut hairstyle in the colony. After she is done wrapping the saree, she would spend half an hour styling her short silver and grey hair in front of the mirror. I would watch her with amusement. Trying out different hairstyles, she would ask me for suggestions. Finally, when she would be done with that, she would choose the right jewelry, watch and purse that would go with it. Even though her wrinkled skin showed up on her face, she would look beautiful as she came out of her room all dolled up for the most important task of the day.

Beauty does not lie on what you wear or how you look, it is how you carry yourself and my granny is definitely the most prettiest lady I have come across in my life.

Stay with us for more such interesting stories as the granny chronicles continue. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Superwoman named Granny #1

  1. Its wonderful that you take time to do this. I got reminded on the little old lady and the leg pulling sessions we had with her. God bless her abundantly. Pass on my love, hugs and regards to her. I know you take care of her but take a little extra care now since we are not there.. Times have changed and its now your turn to learn her more.. Have fun..!! 🙂 🙂 Keep writing.!!

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    1. Haha… glad you liked it. She is a total package altogether. She keeps mentioning you now and then. More such grandma chronicles to come up. There is a lot to write about her.


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