Camera Diaries #3


Sitting with a cup of tea and my laptop, I suddenly heard the sound of water splashing against a hard surface. I tried to look around thinking there might be a tank overflow or someone cleaning their car after a century. I looked down the window and found  two men shown in the picture above. The Gardener was clinging onto the plant like a child would cling on to the mother while the other guy was splashing the water hard on the soil and the wall to clean it and make the wall look good.

For any normal person looking at the picture would see two random men doing the job given to them, but for me, there are two different and striking personalities in this picture. Although the picture looks hazy, it says a lot on the tiff between environment and development. It was heart-wrenching to look at the gardener who has brought up these plants with utmost care like a mother would bring up her child, to lose most of his plants because the wall needed to be cleaned and repainted.

It would have been difficult for him to cut the same plants and watch it been destroyed in front of his eyes just for repainting the walls. He would show up with a large scissors, sulking his face he would cut the plant to make space for cleaning the wall. The guy with the water pipe would show no emotions as the gardener looked at him with remorse for he felt guilty deep down, but he felt helpless at the same time for he had to choose between his duty and his love for plants.

The guy with the water pipe kept splashing the water as the gardener tried to save as many trees and plants as possible. The one who was splashing water started working right from the morning, bare feet he would work on chilly mornings and under scorching heat but would complete the assignment given to him for the day so that he could afford one time meal and shelter in the bustling city.

No one is the bad guy here. The guy with the water pipe is trying to fit into the city life, trying to earn money for his family back in the village who are dependent on him. On the other hand, the gardener puts his soul and mind to raise those seed saplings into beautiful plants and trees. It’s very easy for any person to tag someone as right or wrong, but the story behind each person is often left undisclosed. As they say ‘ there is always two sides to the coin’, in the same way there are always two sides to the stories of any man or woman out there trying to fit into the larger society.

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