Short Films Redefining Women


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This is an epic short film that is a modern adaptation of Ramayana. According to the mythology, Ahalya is the wife of Gautama Maharishi. She was seduced by Lord Indra and was cursed by her husband and turned into a stone. This movie tries to convey the same tale with a different twist. The movie beautifully portrays that lust and attraction is a feeling that can happen to both men and women, then why is it that it is always the women who is questioned?  For a beautiful storytelling and the wonderful Radhika Apte, this movie is a must watch.


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The film directed by Anurag Kashyap explores the subject of eve teasing in India. Eve teasing has become a very common issue in India which is often ignored by our society. Women are told to ignore such men and mind their own business while it is because of this very attitude that men are encouraged to continue doing the same. The film revolves around three women who go out for work and face harassment and eve teasing everywhere they go. Finally, the three girls decide to join self defense classes to protect themselves but will they be ready to teach the guys a good lesson? It’s a movie with a simple plot but it says it all.


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A brilliant and contemplating short film that looks into the struggles and life of a women in any mediocre Indian household. The wife is the epicenter of every family unit but there are times when we often tend to forget this. The story revolves around a couple and an old man. The old man who is the father of the son is paralytic and is looked after by his daughter-in law. The daughter-in law tries her best to fulfill all her responsibilities and takes care of her husband, ill father- in law and her work from home business. Yet she commits a mistake that ends up making her feel guilty. Is a women at fault if she is not able to fulfill her duties towards her family? The movie will give you goosebumps as you are not able to decide which side you are on in the end.


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My personal favorite Tisca Chopra plays the Chhuri in the movie. The movie revolves around a family where the husband is supposedly having an affair with a woman. The wife suspects him but refuses to say anything. She carries on with her work and responsibilities towards her children. When women often chose to keep quiet on such matters, they are immediately tagged as coward or hopeless. Will she have the guts to face her husband on his extra marital affair? Will she keep quiet to save her marriage? Watch the film as the wife becomes the Chhuri(Knife) and deals with the issue in an unexpected way.


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Another bold piece trying to redefine a women’s sexuality and harassment in the new age. The film talks about an actor beautifully played by Kalki and her leaked video based on an intimate scene shot for her film that goes viral and is all over the internet. There is a journalist on the other hand who has to interview he on the same day and is a huge fan of hers. In the middle of all that, she gets a call from her boss to change the questions and talk about her viral video. While the duo meet and the conversations happen, it is quite heart-breaking to watch random people trolling women on social media without knowing the reason. Tagging women with filthy words and posting dirt comments, this is what social media has become today. The film ends with a beautiful message that social media is to connect people not to troll them on baseless accusations.

Do watch these short films and leave your comments on the comment section box below as to how much you liked these movies or if there is anything else missing out from the list. Looking forward to more such thought provoking movies. Cheers!

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