Eating it Right?

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The smell of fresh and crisp produce right from the farm is the dream of every customer who goes to the supermarket in hope of bringing fresh produce to their kitchen. However,  have you ever wondered if we are making the right choice of vegetables and eateries? If that basket of yours has all the nutrition you and your family need to keep you going for the day? With so much to choose from and a variety of food available with increasing food imports, how do we decide what is good for us and what is not good?

We have a variety of produces to choose from but we are often misguided by the commercials trying to sell their own products. Vegetables and fruits that were not available few years back have made an entry into every supermarket now. Be it Dragonfruit, Kiwi, Avacado and many such fruits which we would have never heard of few years back are now consumed by every Indian household today. So much so that even the doctors and the nutritionists are prescribing such imported produce for a healthy well being.

The Supermarket promises to give you an Omega 3 filled egg in a lovely air filled package but how many of us actually think that every egg has the same amount of nutrients. The local egg in the market is much cheaper compared to the packaged egg and is more natural with more nutrients packed in it. If you are ready to buy a product by looking at the ingredients on the packet, in that case it might be apt to say that ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’

Not everything that you put in your basket has nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs. There was a time when half rotten and fruits with worms were considered to be the sweetest and best in taste. But today, people pick up their veggies on the basis of its looks. Rotten vegetables are considered to be the bad ones and lie in the corner of the veggies section, rejected. Strange! isn’t it?

That does make sense in a way. Why would you buy rotten veggies and pay for the same. Hence, the invention of pesticides and the inevitable existence of it in our food chain. We have many products sold under the tag of organic. But the question still remains, how organic is it really and does it guarantee a pesticide free food consumption?

One thing that we need to get into our head is that once pesticide enters the food chain, there is no going back. It’s a chain and it will exist despite finding new alternatives like organic. We cannot have fresh and crisp products without any chemicals. Those who are living under the bubble that organic serves good produce without any chemicals are not completely right. Although there might be a variation in the amount of pesticides used, it is impossible to have fresh produce at your doorstep which is away from the farm without the use of pesticides.

Be it organic or hybrid, pesticides are now a part of our food cycle. All we can do is to make the right choice of food that is healthy and try to consume more of local produce than the hybrid ones. Stop believing those fancy commercials and plan your diet. Spend time for your body to know what amount of nutrients your body needs. To have a healthy body and mind you don’t have to eat less, you have to eat it right.

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