Keeping up the Fitness Fever

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The struggle that you go through to lose even half a pound is unimaginable but we still manage to go through the strenuous and back breaking exercises. Everyone loves to have a fit and perfect body but with changing times and convenient lifestyle it is becoming difficult for everyone to maintain that perfect shape.

I have been through that same phase, looking at those perfect bikini bodies would just remind me of my imperfect body. It is really easy to convince yourself to love your own self and the body that you have but that feeling would not last long. Even though many of us try hard to accept it, we would have many doubts and speculations running through our head. Everyone wants to have a fit and perfect body today and there is nothing wrong in it. It is not just about getting that perfect shape but everyone running on a fitness fever should aim for a fit and healthy body.

To have a fit and healthy body, all you need to do is to make slight alterations in your lifestyle. Trust me! It makes a lot of difference. Regular gym exercises or vigorous workout regimes are just temporary cures in our way to fitness. I continued yoga and fast walking apart from my daily activities during my college, but the results were far from been fit. I kept wondering standing on the weighing machine waiting for the needle to tilt towards left but that never happened.

I was left baffled as to what could be the reason for not losing weight despite so much effort. I then started to ditch all the street food that were once my comfort food. Although my soul longed for those hot, rich and spicy food, I convinced myself thinking they were oily, unhygienic and full of fat. My journey to fitness began from that point onward. My next step was to ditch the colorful sodas and carbonated drinks. Just like magic, Voila! In just two months i had reduced three kilos with light workouts.

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Once we start losing weight, we get more motivated to keep up our fitness fever. But fitness cannot be achieved with workouts, it needs sheer amount of dedication in altering your diet and sticking to homely food.  The best way to do that is to look at the ingredients of any food product bought from the store and decide for yourself. ( You are the best judge for yourself)

Walking down short distances instead of taking out our cars, taking the steps instead of elevators or altering your diet according to your activity. All these changes add up to make you a fit and healthy person at the same time. Fitness is something that should be practiced lifelong and there is no age bar to it. A healthy and fit life helps us keep an active body as well as an active mind. If you are currently trying to lose weight or struggling to keep up that perfect body, try to keep slow and natural with the right diet and never let your fitness fever die.


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