Gastronomic Robots

In an era where we get instant food delivery right at the doorstep with a swipe on a smartphone, we have robots taking over the culinary world on the other side. Yes, you heard it right! Even the robots know that the way to any humans heart is through their stomach. The Robot Theme restaurant is a very fresh and new concept in India which is located in the heart of Chennai city. The restaurant specializes in Pan Asian cuisine.


People from around the city are crowding over this restaurant just to have a look at their new robo friend. I could not control my excitement to get inside the restaurant as it was my first time I would see a robo waitress serving me food. I can well imagine how excited the kids would get to see the robos with soft silky scarves tied around their neck. Many a times, I would hear the robo request in a polite way to make her way but kids being kids did not pay heed to her request.

The robotic set up with dim lights and led lights added to the glamour of the restaurant. The restaurant believes in making maximum use of technology right from taking food orders to serving of food. It is easy and serves to the comfort of the customers and the staff working there. You could just watch the robots murmuring something to themselves till the time you waited for the food to arrive.

I wasn’t sure if food was going to be as good as the robotic experience but to my surprise we were served a delightful and sumptuous meal after a short wait. But the wait was worth the time with different varieties of Chinese and Thai food served by our very sweet robo waitress.  Although she needed help every time she served food. (Not her fault, she is new to the job and the girl needs time to learn the culinary skills)

The restaurant offers different varieties of momos which seem to be a hit there and other varieties of Thai/Chinese starters. Thai food served there has been successful in capturing the right amount of flavors, though too much of Thai might give you coconut overdose. Glass noodles and Pineapple curry in the main course seemed to  be something different on the menu and it tasted equally good. Chinese cuisine is definitely loosing its charm day by day in many parts of city due to its Indianized version but the restaurant has tried its best to keep its original version. Although, that would kill our taste buds given the amount of spices we need in our food.


If planning to visit the Robot Theme Restaurant, I would suggest you to book a table in advance or else be prepared to stand in a queue. The restaurant serves limited menu but the food is worth trying. I would suggest everyone to go for Thai. Do not miss out on the red velvet brownie and a selfie with the robot in the end.

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