PIC SOURCE: http://www.heartit.com


From the ledge
I peek at you
Hiding my face
Lest our eyes meet…
I do not know
What to say,
Or even
How to say!
It is so difficult..!
It is so unfair!
God made you
Oh so beautiful!
A face
Which launches
A thousand butterflies
In my tummy!
A face which
Haunts me daily-
My waking hours
And my dreams
All yours
And yours alone!

I peek at you
From the ledge
Tracing your face
From a distance..
I point you out
To my friend
And you look up
And I die!
And I die!
And I die
A thousand deaths!
Our eyes meet
And I melt!
My cheeks red,
I hide
I run!
I hide some more
Behind hands unsteady,
Just like my breath…
My heart refuses
To calm down,
My cheeks
Refuse to cool!

Why me?
Why me?
Why me?
I ask myself
Yet happy ridiculously
Am I:
For that moment
That split second
You saw me!
You saw me-
And I was!
I mattered!
No matter
How fleeting
How insignificant-
But I now was
Forever engraved
Into Your past.

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