Camera Diaries #2


As the sun rises up and the sky starts turning into crimson red, it is the day of new beginnings and hopes. As we step into a new year 2018, we leave behind all the beautiful memories and amazing journey we had in the year that has passed by.

I am sure many of us have had  an eventful 2017 while there are many who have taken up New Year resolutions which often fizzle out anytime during spring or autumn( In my case I would stick on to my new year resolution hardly for a month). I took a resolution to study and work harder and get myself a decent job but on the second day of the month I find myself lying on the bed,staring at the blank wall refusing to get up. Perhaps the after affect of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

With each passing year we learn something new. While we choose to take with us the good old memories and leave behind the bad ones, we do not realize that everything that happens in our life molds us into the person who we are today. While each person is eccentric in their own way, it is the events that happen around us with each passing hour, each passing day and month that shape our personality.

With that note, ditch those fancy resolutions and let us all take a resolution today that we will make each and every moment count with the coming of 2018 and that we will kick start this year with  positivity and enthusiasm of a new beginning.

Wish u all a very happy 2018 and even though I do not believe in new year resolutions, it would be fun if you would share them with us in the comment box below. 

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