Life without Writing



It has been a long time since me and my fellow bloggers who have penned down their thoughts and wonderful ideas in this blog have posted something interesting. My fellow bloggers are busy trying to fit into their respective jobs while I am looking forward to ways of changing my unemployed status. (Trust me! It is the worst time you go through) Every time I look at the Facebook homepage, there would be my friends posting pictures of their workplace and showcasing their achievements in bold letters. God! That makes me feel even worse, I officially hate Facebook now.

In times of crisis like this, when you feel lonely and you do not know how to express your anger or frustration to someone, the only support system that I have is writing. It feels amazing how writing on a piece of paper can play such a important role in your life. You have to feel it to believe it.

I started writing letters when I was in my 6th grade. My grandfather, an accomplished air force officer and immensely talented actor and writer invoked my interest in writing. I still remember, the study table with an aged lamp on the side and some sparkling white paper sheets specifically meant for writing letters. He would pick up the good old ink pen which costed a fortune in those days, pick up a piece of paper, wear his over sized glasses and start writing while I would look at him from the corner of the room and smile admiring his skills.

One fine day, he came up to me and gifted me blue colored envelopes and white papers with blue border. He then told me that we could exchange letters to each other and stay in touch since I would visit him only for few days in a year. That to me was my starting point from where my hobby turned into my passion in no time. Writing to my grandfather became one of the major task to be done once a month. I would plan my letter over a period of two to three days and pen down my monthly summary of activities and school life in three pages. It soon turned my interest to maintaining a journal so that I could write down everything I did in a day.

The old diaries filled with different stages of my life lie in a secret place guarded with utmost care while I shift to a new diary with the coming of a new year.( Those diaries are my best friends) The power that writing gives you is limitless. You could be anyone while you write on a blank sheet. You could be a rebel or a fantasy land dreamer, the list would never end but there cannot be any limit to what you can express through writing.

You do not need fancy words and tongue twisting phrases to a good writer. Anyone is free to express their thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper. You would just need a pen and paper to be able to do it.It would be impossible for me to imagine my life without writing.  It has made me a better person and has helped me in my overall development as a young girl.  As the saying goes ‘ Pen is mightier than sword’. People say that writing has the power to change the world but I would say that writing has the power to change the lives of individual as it has changed mine.

2 thoughts on “Life without Writing

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    1. I am really glad that you follow our bloga~zine and like what we write. I hope we continue to bring more such interesting articles for you in the future.


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