I know a lot of you are wondering why Le Amusant has gone silent for some time… Me TOO! Apart from the fact that all of us were giving out National Entrance Examination! What were we entering into… God shud only know!. Anyways I realized a lot of you have your favorite authors, bloggers, admirers so we will not be keeping you waiting nor repeat this scrapping silence moment again.

Having explained ourselves I wanna get into what I really want to write about today. Lot of you will agree to hen I say that Google ia the biggest LIFESAVER of the century. I don’t know what Larry Page and Sergey Brin were thinking when they founded GOOGLE. They were pursuing their dissertation on World Wide Web as a part of their Phd. at Stanford University. But they are still literally saving many lives yonder beyond every boundaries of your nano cellular micro thinking functionality. I bet they did do well for Planet Earth. These guys have a special place in heaven for such magnificent creation.

I mean think about it. You are living your life based on google, I’m sorry did i say that right? Not Bible or Kuran or Vedic Tantras but GOOGLE ladies and gentlemen, GOogle!! We are surviving through this miraculous invention. I mean have you ever wondered how your life would be with out this tool>>>>> NO! what if one day you wake up and this google is gone!!!! SCARY! Yes Kezia we do have other options browsers bah! ya right! but not google? You’d rather survive without a girlfriend or a wife but not this. I might sound exaggerating but put your self to test and live off like THE LOST I never really had a chance to finish it they always remain LOST to me til the end (I mean What was that all about??) But really good series. kept us sold for years.

So what I’m arguing is that your literally at the mercy of that amazing invention in fact you wake up to google and your like

  • You: Google, Where do you think my husband was last night??
  • Google : Good Morning Mrs. Summers. Apparently he was bla bla bla.. bla bla..  bla bla bla bla.
  • You: Ah HUh! I knew it! Good job Google.

I wish It had a better name for me to call on to when I’m alone like Emily! For those of you who don’t know Emily she was the automated voice answering software for telephone lines I’m guessing originated in Canada in many companies back in the 90’s and even in the early 20’s. I don’t know who replaced her these days. Rolling your calls to IVR is a crime these days! If it did.. sadly you still haven’t evolved with the technology and society yet. It’s rude simply rude!  I’d rather hang up and soak in my tub.

The reason I wanted to write about Google today was cause a few days ago.. something led to something and I ended up wiping my laptop keys and God knows what I just pressed … I wish I could play that background music – ringing inside my head. Well the screen rotated from vertical to horizontal!!!! What! Wo mie Gawd! (“I never thought such a thing existed in my laptop and I was shocked, surprised, and panicking for a bit not knowing what to do and amazed by my clumsy fingers and then I thought I’d call my good friend but I realized I just fought with him, and I did not want to be the first one to say hi… I was waiting for him to make the move. So my only option was to google the scenario to see if there was any solutions… “My laptop screen is horizontal instead of vertical what do i do?” ENTER!

   Apparently there are no scenarios Google will not Save You From! Except for you Soul! (“I shud have taken a selfie with my screen”). As soon as i fixed it i found so grateful towards this amazing technology.  how it can make lives easier.I am sure that there are gazillion people out there and especially students who type just about anything to seek answers for their questions. As far as the google search engine goes, three cheers for the life saving tool that has saved the mankind and many generations to come.

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