This week’s review is much talked and raved about Shoojit Sircar’s produced , PINK. This flick seems like a breath of fresh air in a  set of regressive bunch of motion pictures which Bollywood has offered us in the past.


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GENRE: Drama

RELEASED:16 September 2016

DIRECTED BY: Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary

STARRING: Taapsee Pannu, Amitabh Bachchan ,Kirti Kulhari,Anrea Tariang, Angad Bedi

Movie review: Pink is a griping tale which manages to convey a strong message with subtlety and that’s exactly where charm of this empowering celluloid lies. While the first of the movie is clouded in mystery, it’s in the second half of this motion picture that the events of the eventful night are revealed to us.

This motion feature presents a tale of three middle class working independent women, who find themselves involved in an ugly brawl  at a rock concert held in Surajkund.  This flick presents to us a realistic world, which keeps the viewers glued.

One of the three women is molested by Rajveer singh  (Angad Bedi),who is a nephew of a powerful politician tries to molest Meenal (Taapsee Pannu).Meenal retaliates by smashing a bottle against his head, after this incident  life takes a nasty turn for these three young women.While Falak loses her job, Minal is soon apprehended.

Second half of this feature is primarily set in a courtroom. Anirrudhaa Roy Chaudhary has very effectively utilized the character of a veteran lawyer  Deepak Sehgal, another effortless performance  by Mr. Bachchan . Dramatis personae of Deepak sehgal  has been etched to question the patriarchal and  feudal mindset of our society.

One of the most repeated dialogue in  this movie is “aisi ladkiyon ke saath aisa hi hota h”,a reference  to the fact that  these “modern independent type’ women are worthy of the humiliation they are going through. This perception is exactly what this Shoojit Sircar’s produced venture intends to change. It puts forth a very poignant  point that no matter if a woman drinks , wear short dresses ,attend concerts, she is the only one who is in charge of her body.

Pink makes us question the skewed ideas of morality prevailing in our society. Pink is disturbing at various levels, like in one of the final scenes of the courtroom, character of Amitabh Bachchan asks Minal if she is virgin.The question is asked in order to put forth the point that no means no, no can never and should never be taken for a yes.


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Accolades need to be given to the entire cast of Pink. While Mr. Bachchan steals the show in the character of Deepak Sehgal, Taapsee ,Kirti and Andriana plays their part with utmost conviction. One of the most fascinating aspect of these three  Characters is that they are strong yet vulnerable. They are confident yet  muddled.  Even the minor characters i.e. lady playing  Haryanvi cop, Ankit (Vijay verma) manages to shine amongst such strong cast.

Essence of this movie lies in it’s subtle treatment of the story and the lack of unnecessary melodrama. Pink isn’t just a movie , it’s a thought provoking experience. It seems to present us a dark Gothic poetry,which provokes you to think and makes you cringe at the same time. This movie justifies it’s name.


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