Humour Under The Skin



In a country where people spend billions of money on skin whitening products, the racist behaviour towards dark-skinned people does not come as a surprise to me. India claims to be the largest democracy with a kaleidoscope of different cultures and people. While we claim to be tolerant and diverse country, it is a national shame thar we still condemn people with dark skin.

Every human being is a god’s creation and people of different colors can be equally beautiful and fabulous. I decided to pen down my thoughts because I was furious by the increasing amount of jokes being cracked on skin color. Just few days back i was watching a popular comedy show on one of the Indian television channels where Nawazzudin Sidiqui who is a popular actor in India, not to mention a brilliant one in fact, was asked how did he feel when we realised he got  an actress like Amy Jackson to romance with in the movie. Just because Nawazuudin is not as fair and attractive as Amy, it does not mean you would degrade an actors looks by asking such empty-headed question.

Another such incident occurred in another popular comedy show on Indian television channel where Tannishta Chatterjee along with Director Leena Yadav accompanied with Radhika Apte was roasted on national television on her skin color. Chatterjee pointed out in a Facebook post which has been reproduced verbatim with her permission, “I soon realised that the only quality they found worth roasting about in me was my skin tone.”

Such is the sad state of our Indian television and the quality of stand-up comedy. It is not just a problem among celebrities but this a problem among every girl next-door. I am sure every young girl who gets a tan during summers or has a dark skin compared to her cousins and siblings gets taunted by her own relatives. My mom still would force me time and again to apply gramflour on  my face as it helps in getting  a white skin tone. Such is the level of insaneness for white skinned people. No wonder we always go gaga over foreign imports to Bollywood.

We do know that such rigid ideas on skin color originate from the idea of caste system in India where the dirty work was left to the dark-skinned people but by promoting such racist comments on national television are we still promoting the idea of caste system? India cannot claim to be a developing and a growing country if the people of the country are still stuck with such colonial ideas. Let alone the many such racist attacks we have had against Blacks in India. It is high time that we come out of the bubble and recognise that we can look good in any skin color, be it white or black.

What do you think about such outrageous incidents based on skin color. Do you know of any other place other than India where you might have encountered such an incident. Please do share your thoughts with us.


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