A Plea For Agency


Source: http://www.a2ua.com

I know
I can think
I have a mind
Though rendered mute
It works still
And i am
I Am!
Though you
May agree not
I am! I am! I am!

My existance
Cant be blotted
Out so easily.
Like its impossible
To hide the sun
In your pockets
For it shines
And blindingly shines
And shines some more.

I am.
I breathe.
My breath
Moves the leaves
The dust around me
Dance and whirl
As i breathe.

When i close
My eyes
It is dark-
I can refuse
To see.

When i speak
People can hear
Though they
Ignore me,
Choose to
Not hear me:
I have a voice.

If i walk
The earth stops
The lands
Are left behind:
I am ahead.

My hands create
My fingers mould
My brain
And froths
With ideas

So stop.
Stop thinking
For me.
Stop speaking
For me.
Stop walking
Stop writing
Stop reading
Stop doing
Stop choosing
For me.

I am.
I can.
I will.
Or Heaven
Or Sin
Whatever it be
It would be
Of my own Choosing.

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