Movie Review ~ Appa


Direction : Samuthirakani

Production : Samuthirakani

Cast: Namo Narayana, Thambi Ramayya, Samuthirakani

Genre: Drama

Music : Ilaiyaraaja

I am usually not into regional films but this Tamil movie seemed to touch my heart. I love the way this movie portrays the beautiful bond a father and a son share. The movie revolves around the story of three fathers and their sons. One of the father believes in understanding the child and been a good friend to his son, the second one is a control freak who takes all decisions on behalf of his son and there is the third one who does not bother about his son at all.

One particular scene where his son expresses his feelings towards a girl just touched my heart. A beautiful conversation unfolds between the father and the son as the father explains the way to deal with a girl and to grow up as a man who learns to respect women. When the other father who is controlling in nature sees his son roaming with a girl, he reprimands him for losing his focus from studies.

It is beautiful to see how a father can build such a beautiful relation with his son and bring out the best in him irrespective of what the society thinks. The movie carries an important message that no matter what we should always support our children and show them the right path. However the movie takes an ugly turn after interval where another boy is admitted to a boarding school which has strict rules and regulations despite the boy’s unwillingness.

Samuthirakani also revealed that the film’s plot line had been taken from a real life incident, which happened when choosing a school for his son.  The heart wrenching  scenes in the second half of the movie made me cry. It highlights the flaws in education system in India. Although i am not sure to what extent it is inspired by a real life incident. The other boy ends up committing suicide because of his parents pressure to be the best and focus only on studies. 

The movie apart from portraying the beautiful Father-Son bond also portrays a beautiful friendship shared by five kids who have done an amazing job in the movie. The movie comes with a moral message that how each kid is extraordinary in their own way and it is our job as a parent or a teacher to bring out the best in them .

However, the movie seemed to be based  more on moral messages rather than strong storyline. The movie seems to be inspired by Amma Kannakku which is also based on the same storyline highlighting the relation between a mother and a daughter.Overall, the movie takes you through an emotional rollercoaster ride which makes you laugh, cry and enjoy the beautiful story.

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