In Love With Food

Food is the most important thing in our lives (at least i think so). You feel low, there is chocolate to console you, your only true companion. You feel happy, then you turn to ice-cream which is a timeless mood booster . I came across Rupa, a Foodie Instagrammer and a Food Blogger who loves trying out different cuisines and indulge in new flavors. Her love for food crosses all boundaries which is why Le Amusant was excited  to interview her and know more about her food adventures.


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

An unapologetic foodie by heart and a digital marketer by profession is what I am… People know me more as ‘thefoodienion’ than ‘Rupa’!

It is said that,”Love happens when you least expect it” something like serendipity, for me food is love. Something that happened when I least expected…For me food is an art, food is something that makes up my mind, something that I relish, something that makes me happy and gives me heavenly bliss.

Tell us about your love for food and what inspired you to start a food blog?

I started writing close to 4.5 years ago. Today, my life runs on food! I am one of those people who loves to spend time planning about what cuisine should I try next! I am always on serious eating break multiple times throughout the day. My friends have named me a COW, like literally, simply because I keep munching something or the other throughout the day! I care less about what I wear to work ..Instead, I care more about what I’ll be taking for Tiffin  😀

My best friend is my biggest inspiration when it comes to starting my own blog. He was the one who introduced me to Zomato* ,way back in 2010..He always knew that the very sight of a chocolate cake, a pizza ,a burger, pasta or for that matter anything makes me salivate, makes me feel elated and ecstatic. That’s when I started uploading pictures on Zomato, started writing a mere 3-4 line reviews, started reading about food, cuisines from different part of the world .Another inspiration that  made me start my own blog is when I read about other food blogs. I firmly believe that inspiration can come in many different forms–from seeing a drool-worthy photo on Instagram and being inspired to go and have it right away! That’s when I felt that I could share my personal gastronomic experience too! And there I am, now, known as thefoodienion on social media.


What is the best thing about being a food blogger?

That’s a good question. Being a fitness junkie as well as a person who can never say no to food, no matter how deep-fried or sugar-coated it is, one of the biggest challenge for, me is to keep a tab on my portion sizes and of course watching my weight!

Tell us a little bit about any of your gastronomic getaway experience.

The best thing so far about 2016 is my gastronomic getaway to Pune. January was about to end and I was almost broke! With travel on my mind and just 2000 bucks in my pocket, I decided to visit Pune on a weekend , and like all hungry forever people my first agenda was to explore food in Pune!! And I must say, my visit to Pune ended on a bloated and gluttonous note!

That brings me to the point; hope you have read my gastronomic getaway experience on my personal blog!

 You seem to be quite a sport when it comes to trying different cuisines. Which one was your favorite?

Well, now that’s a tricky question to ask to a food blogger. Hands down it’s Asian, Indian, Continental, Italian, Lebanese and American finger food: D Now, you know, I am one of those people who LIVE to EAT and hence, it is very difficult for me to pick one!

I couldn’t help noticing some delicious recipes you have posted on your blog. Which one turned out to be finger licking good? I bet all of them are but do you have any personal favorite?

 Without spending much time thinking about the answer, it’s the PARLE G cake! Well, it’s one of the easiest recipes one can ever make! And surprisingly in spite of using just 3-4 ingredients in baking the whole cake, it always turns out to be finger lickingly good. It’s not just me, my friends love it too!

I can certainly feel your love for desserts looking at your blog. Tell me which one is your weakness?

Nutella ! No matter how happy or sad I am, Nutella is the solution to all my life problems!

 Who inspires you to cook?

Meri maa!:)  My mom is one of those people who loves to cook right from the scratch and completely avoids keeping any processed or canned food at home.

Do you want to give our readers any tip on food Blogging?

For those who aspire to be a food blogger, all I’d like to say is. Write and share your experience! Be true to yourself and keep your content original! Always remember that it’s not only your content that matter, the way you connect and engage with your readers also forms an important part. Describe the food as much as possible. For you as a blogger and social media influences, it is very essential to communicate what the food tasted like and why you loved it so much! Remember that your passion for food and writing about food should reflect in your words. In a nutshell, frame a story out of your experience and only write about what seems authentic to you!

Would you like to give our readers few tips on picking up the right restaurant?

Of course yes. To all the readers out there, the next time you are in a dilemma of picking up the right restaurant for the kind of cuisine that interests you, all you need to do is find my page on any of my social media handle  😀

Anything new or exciting in your blog we can look forward to?

 Lots of things running in my mind, hopefully, good things will come from it. As of now, all I can say is only time will tell! 🙂

Please share with us one of your personal recipes with picture of it.

When it comes to cooking at home, anything healthy interest me! My personal favorite being the healthy tabloid salad which I ended up making one day . Looking for the recipe, you know where to head right? 😉


Le Amusant had an amazing time interviewing Rupa and we wish her all the luck on her ventures through her blog. You can follow Rupa by clicking on the links given below. Please do let us know your comments through the comment box.





*Zomato is an amazing app that helps you pick up the best restaurants, bars and cafes anywhere in India.

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