Life 1 Death 0


Source: living alignment 

Life and death

Swish and swirl
In the glass i hold
My fingers curl
And though i gulp
I am bold

A single sip
And mine is death
I recalled.
Or crushing the cup
Get cut by glass
Blood to behold!

To drink my death
Choose if i
Will i be a corpse cold?
Not living till decayed to death
As immortal youth to dust
Untouched by pain or mold.

After death life awaits
Awaits heaven and hell
There are stories manifold
Is all to end or begin anew
With my last breath
Is a mystery of old.

Should i then
Choose to live
And with age grow old?
Enslaved to Time and Fear
Knowing Pain, Failure, Betrayal
To end in a box cold.

In this world of Lies to live
With a freedom not yet free
Like a bird in a cage of gold.
Shouting without a Voice
Inside Rebelle, Comrade outside
That is life, i am told.

Living each day
With death leading the way
Is one of life’s mysteries manifold.
So choose i must
Before tonight’s dust
As my limbs grow cold

Death or life
Both look same
In the light of my candle gold.
The coward that i am
Live i will
For thus my heart cajoled

So breathe i did
And crushed the glass
To see my blood as it rolled
Knowing there’s an end
But knowing not where
Will i go when the bell for me tolled.

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