Movie Review~A Flying Jatt


Synopsis: Jatt is a reluctant superhero who is afraid of heights. Soon he realizes his responsibilities to save the world and destroy his evil match Rakka who gets his powers from pollution created by people.

Director :  Remo DSouza

Producer : Ekta Kapoor ,Shobha Kapoor

Cast : Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones, Kay Kay Menon

The movie opens up with Malhotra(Kay Kay Menon) discussing his evil business plan which is supposedly not environment friendly.  The only hindrance to his business plans is a small community and a tree near the river. That’s where our superhero Aman(Tiger shroff)comes in.

He leads a simple life who is a martial arts teacher in a school. (Surprise! Surprise!) His childhood love who is Kirti{Jacqueline Fernandez) sees him as his best friend unaware of his fondness for her(Story of our lives) until she realises later that Aman is a superhero. Moral of the story – only superheros can get  good-looking chicks.(just kidding)

Soon Malhotra sends a person to cut the tree which the community considers to be sacred but Aman reaches there on time and tries to stop him and then a bloody brawl begins during which our hero gets powers from the sacred tree. Tiger Shroff has been given a significant amount of screen space to showcase his martial arts skills in the movie. However, Jacqueline is hardly seen in the movie apart from the booty song where she mesmerised us with some sexy moves.

The movie begins as a superhero comedy parody where we see Aman using his powers to clean the house or making improper landings. The best part of the movie is when he starts dancing like Sunny Leone at gunpoint after touching the Sunny Leone CD. The movie seems to be going at a decent pace till interval until our evil match Rakka comes to the scene.

The movie seems to draw its inspiration from Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan as it sends a strong message to not pollute the environment. Rakka(Nathan Jones) who plays the evil guy gets all his power from the pollution created by the people,let alone the noise pollution we suffer every time he shouts onscreen.

The ending however gets a little unrealistic where superheros go for a face-off with such ease in the galaxy defining new gravitational laws. The flaws in the movie is however covered with Tiger Shroff’s exceptional martial arts skills and peppy song numbers.

The movie has heavily drawn many superhero stunts from hollywood including X-Men but overall i would say that it was a decent effort by Bollywood to create a superhero flick which could have done well with a good storyline.The movie is a visual treat to the eyes with some good stunts and bollywood dance.


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