Fun Work Out Routine

I found this Image very much fun and interesting way to motivate your workout routine. Don’t you wanna try it out and see for yourself?

So what do we do tomorrow Kezia?? Well.. If I were you I’d try my second name, last name all the names I have. My boy friend, dad, mom, baby, brother, sister, husband and every celebrity name I love.

Don’t give me excuses give me results!

Let’s try my name to begin with!

K : 10 Push Ups

E : 1 Minute Wall Sit

Z : 20 Push Ups (again???, So says the Pinterest lady who made this! Damn!)

I : 30 Jumping Jacks

A: 50 Jumping Jacks (!!)

Alright let’s try Shalom this time.

S: 30 Burpees

H: 20 Squats

A: 50 Jumping Jacks

L : 2 Minute Wall Sit

O: 25 Burpees

M: 20 Burpees

Work Out.jpg
Source : Pinterest

Hope you have fun trying out this Letter Board.

Until next time.

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